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It's unfortunate Deathstroke's series was canceled, but it looks like Slade is getting plenty of love everywhere else. He's easily one of the cheapest characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us (spam those guns!), has a jaw-droppingly awesome statue on the way, and we know he'll be in the upcoming Batman game... but now it looks like he'll be playable, too! IGN posted a retailer listing on Amazon and it appears Slade will be yours to control. Based on the ad, you'll get "Playable Deathstroke DLC" with a pre-order.

Also, confidence in the game took a dive when it was reported Kevin Conroy wouldn't be involved, but Joystiq has pointed out the legendary voice of Batman says otherwise! Rejoice, friends! Lastly, the game's first full trailer will hit the web tomorrow and we'll definitely have it on the homepage!


Per Best Buy:

"Pre-order Batman: Arkham Origins now to play as Deathstroke — gain access to two additional challenge maps and two Deathstroke skins (Internet connection required for downloadable content; not available on all platforms)"

Source: IGN, Joystiq

Update 2

You can check out the full teaser trailer HERE.

The box art and some more screenshots were released as well.

Additionally, Joystiq has confirmed Conroy is not voicing Batman. Roger Craig Smith will voice the Dark Knight and Troy Baker will serve as the Joker.

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Is the Deathstroke DLC only for Amazon pre-orders?

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I'm still not completely optimistic about this game but I'd be lying if I said these news didn't make me feel more excited about it.

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Deathstroke holding Batman's cowl! I guess this is a "what if" DLC?

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That's great!

Now give me my goddamn Superman video game!

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YES!!!! I can't wait for this!

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That. is. great.

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Conroy returning is making me feel a bit better, but no Rocksteady or Paul Dini are still big notches against.

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Kevin Conroy!? *Swoon*

Now if only DC would make a Justice League movie with the same animation style as the cut scenes from Arkham and get Conroy and the rest of the JLU cast to voice the film. How amazing would that be??

@sandman_ said:

Now give me my goddamn Superman video game!

Also this!

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I'm very reluctant to even get interested in this game, nonetheless consider buying it. It's not made by Rocksteady, it's out around the same time as GTA V, and it's out right before the new consoles come out.

On the other hand, I effing LOVE Arkham City. If what they show at E3 really blows my socks off and/or they port it to the new consoles, then that'll help in me getting it.

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Now I have interest in this game.

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0.0 Looks like I'll be pre-ordering this. =D

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I am so excited about this news and the new full length trailer that is coming out tommorow! A lot of people are concerned about the lack of Rocksteady but the new developer is using the same engine which guarantees the game will atleast look great and Rocksteady has vouched for them which is good enough for me.

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My reaction?

Loading Video...

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Omg yes!! Ultra mega epic news!!

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If he's a villain in it, won't he be fighting himself?

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Deathstroke DLC? Sweet! Interest in game just went up. Kevin Conroy's back? Interest goes up again. Was looking forward to playing this game and now am EXTREMELY looking forward to this game.

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aw yeah

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@sandman_ said:

That's great!

Now give me my goddamn Superman video game!


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Deathstroke playable?!

Loading Video...

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@sandman_ said:

That's great!

Now give me my goddamn Superman video game!

Nyahahahahahahahahahahaha! Peace. :D

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I feel like since 2007 DC decided to push Deathstroke. I honestly can't remember him having so many fans pre-2007.

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Holy crap yes. I was most worried that Conroy wouldn't be involved. This is amazing news.

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This gives me happiness inside and I feel I can say this out loud, the best Video Game series 3. Halo series 2. Mass Effect 1. Batman Arkham series. This sereis is so good and I'm highly confident that this game will be better than City.

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@sentryman555: Yes, but more than likely it will be released to the public for money. If you get it on Amazon, you get it for free, but they will definitely release it later, because if they didn't they wouldn't get as much profit as they would, it's all smart business, and money is all people care about.

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All this game needs is a Spy vs Merc esque type of game.

Imagine having someone play as Batman vs an army of players.

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@sandman_ said:

That's great!

Now give me my goddamn Superman video game!

Nyahahahahahahahahahahaha! Peace. :D

A good one!

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Well, it looks like I'm getting this.

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That looks amazing. I'm hoping later in the game's lifespan they will offer it for everyone.

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@sentryman555: Yup it's mostly gonna be an Amazon pre-order exclusive. So I guess you might have start planning to get it from there or unless you might want to wait until it comes out as a DLC. I remember they for Robin and Nightwing as pre-order exclusives for Arkham City and became DLCs afterward.

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@iceslick: @t84nightfall: Hmmm....It almost sounds like it'd be smarter to wait for the game of the year edition like Arkham City had.

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I hope the guy who voices deathstroke in this game is the same one from Injustice, he is killer (!) there.

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happy happy happy

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Looks like Amazon stepped up its pre-order bonus contracts. If no one else can offer Deathstroke for free, then I know where I'm shopping.

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So was it confirmed that this is the SIlver Age-esque game that was supposed to introdue the League and show his first encounter with the Joker? I'll hold out for a Hamill appearence until the moment I buy the game

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I have a feeling that the Deathstroke DLC might just be Challenge Room content like the Nightwing and Robin DLC packs for Arkham City, the latter of which was a pre-order bonus at Best Buy. Not that that's really a bad thing, mind you.

Good on them for getting Kevin Conroy again, though. WB Montreal is already fighting an uphill battle simply by not being Rocksteady, so it really adds to their favor that they are retaining THE voice despite the earlier reports of that not being the case.

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@sentryman555: Yeah that's true, hey the way to buy the game is up to you. They just do these deals to gain more money that's all.

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Hopefully Kevin Conroy can do a good young Bruce/Batman voice.

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@sleepbutnodream15: The Batman voice could be the same. The Bruce Wayne voice should be younger.

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Great news! Ron Perlman should voice Slade.

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I hope Catwoman and Dick Grayson are too, I loved them in Arkham City

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Slade holding Batmans cowl is great. I have a feeling Bats will $$$ him off, tricking Black Mask. I also saw this earlier and people were talking about Robin. Is there a Robin in year 2? I could imagine a cameo from a young boy like Grayson or something being "bait" for Bats. Otherwise I don't imagine seeing him. I'm extremely interested to see how the Batman/Deathstroke story plays out. Probably like Rises where Bats is defeated then comes back for the ass kicking on Slade. Either way I'm psyched.

I also hoped for a justice league game (arkham esque) but with Injustice out its doubtful.

Ps I can't stand Barry Allen as Flash over Wally West. That is all.

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