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Since Tuesday, with all the early reviews on Batman 17 I've been reading nothing but praises about this particular arch. I got Jokered out actually. I was happy for the end, but I read a post on here from of it's users showing how he was displeased with the arch. I did like issue 17, Iiked the whole arch, but I still agreed with the users displeaure. He went on and gave his opinions of this and he was right. The Death of a Family arch was advertised as being a Joker story that raises the level (what ever the level actually is) between Batman and Joker. The story did not do that. It was a good story but it was nothing that hasn't been done before or said before.

We know that Joker doesn't want Batman dead til HE wants him dead and by his hands only. That's old news. Now we also know, and this has been debated so we actually got an answer most of us figured already. Well......2 answers..........Now we know Joker doesn't know who Bats is. What ever. The shocking ending by it not being shocking was WEAK!!!

When I opened the issue and saw them sitting around in the cave I thought the Joker DID know who Batman really was, and that blew me away a little. Then when we thought that he might have cut their faces off I almost shit my pants. This is comics remember. This could have been done and the family would have been fine the next issue. If Batgirl can walk again, why not put a face back on. Husk looked just Bruce Wayne for how many issues?

I wanted this to happen. I wanted to see the Joker actually do this the Batmans family. THIS WOULD HAVE RAISED THE LEVEL. This would have made Joker more insane then we could have ever imagined, and like I said.....It's comics. They would have been fine. But the stories that could have come from this. How the Bat family would have had to cope with this. A lot of good stories. No tho. We got not shocking for shocking sake and it bombed. I don't get. Is there something I missed.