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I am wondering if you think DC should have anew even.This year DC's event was "Before Watchmen". Do you think they should have a new event and what would would you like it to be.Do you think it should have the normal superheroes or other people like in "Before Watchmen" it has the Watchmen universe. Just Wondering.


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@jonEsherfey: Haven't read before watchmen but are they introducing new characters in it?

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@RoyHarperBLOW: They mention some new characters but for the most part they use characters that were barely mentioned in the comic and use them as more prominent like in the minutemen. They also just use the regular main characters of the original.

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@jonEsherfey: Was Before Watchmen really an event though? maybe self contained, like Night of Owls was or the upcoming Death of the Family will be. I think the next event that will truly crossover in DC will be the Trinity War
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@jonEsherfey: Haven't you heard? The next big DC event is going to be the Trinity War. Or is that not what you meant?

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Trinity War?

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DC's next event is Trinity War

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^Yup. Trinity War is next.

They also had DC's number 0's, but that event wasn't the greatest; it was fun and I loved some of the issues, but it wasn't a game-changing event as much as some people might have liked it to be, and Trinity War will be amazing. I'm hoping I can somehow, some way, get the comics for it .-.

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@Lvenger: I actually did jot know about Trinity but I was more looking fr what you guys would like to see.