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Hello all, I am fairly new to the DC world in terms of regularly getting issues. I have always been a big Marvel fan, and still am, but I decided to branch out a little. I have been debating on adding one more series to my pull list from the DC universe. Currently I'm am keeping current with the new 52 series: Justice League, Superboy, Teen Titans, Red Lanterns, and Ravagers and one DC title not part of the New 52: Samllville Season 11. I've looked into Savage Hawkman, but recently chose not to add that one. Just from a review stand point Earth 2 seems good, but I wanted to try and get some direct contact with comic readers to top off my decision. Please give me some incite that could maybe help me decide.

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Well the first issue was setting up the world feel from two until four was mostly about introducing the heroes one by one. The art is good in my opinion and the whole feel of that universe again in my opinion is good as well.

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I think it's been one of the most consistently great titles of the post-Flashpoint DCU. Definitely start catching up.

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@Mr_Colossus: I definitely reccommend it. The new imaginings of the Golden Age characters is topnotch. Robinson is awesome at world building, the plot is gaining steam and the art is really nice.

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Being new to DC myself I can tell you I enjoy it every bit as much as Batman and maybe even more than Justice League

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It's been great. Definitely recommend it.

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I thought I'd hate it cause they killed the Trinity right at the start (I'm not even gonna say spoiler alert for that one.. It's issue one people!) but I would honestly say that I'm loving it so far. Still hate Flash's costume though.

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@JohnnyGat: @The_Tree: @KnightRise: @TheElusiveNewReader: @Kal'smahboi: @ssejllenrad: Thank you all for your opinions and input, your helping me out.