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I know this has probably been done a thousand times, but this is in retaliation to the same thread for Marvel's fighters that just popped up.

My own list based on what I have read.

1. Batman

2. Deathstroke

3. Nightwing

4. Tim Drake

5. Catwoman

The ones I didn't include were wondergirl and... Nope, that's probably it.

This is my list based on what I KNOW, not just the comics I've read/comics I own.

1. Karate Kid (or Batman with prep)

2. Deathstroke (in his New 52 series he says he can know your moves before you make them, a bit like Cassandra Cain, only Deathstroke is also... Well... A superhuman mega-athlete that puts Batman's athletic skills to shame in a variety of ways)

3. Cassandra Cain

4. Batman

5. Wonder Woman

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- Batman

- Cassandra Cain

- Lady Shiva

- Richard Dragon

- Bronze Tiger

They're in no order, and this was just off the top of my head. And I know there are others I'm forgetting like Sensei, Connor Hawke, Black Canary, etc.

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@_slim_: Your list is probably better than mine in a few ways.

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@minigunman123 said:

@_slim_: Your list is probably better than mine in a few ways.

Especially with Bronze tiger and Richard Dragon in it.

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Going by forum knowledge/what I've read, I'd probably say this:

  1. Karate Kid
  2. Lady Shiva
  3. Deathstroke
  4. Cassandra Cain
  5. Batman

#5 was probably my most difficult to place. There's other notable h2hers I've read/heard of before as well like Richard Dragon, Bronze Tiger, Connor Hawke, Silver Monkey, Jean-Paul Valley, I-Ching, Sensei, and Black Canary.

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From best to worse, the top 5 skillwise:

-Karate Kid

-Richard Dragon


-Lady Shiva

-Cassandra Cain

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With Enhancements,powers etc:

1.Batman 1000000

2.Karate Kid


4.Constantine Drakon


Without them:

1.Batman 1000000

2.Karate Kid


4.Cassandra Cain

5.Richard Dragon