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What DC Zero Issues are you going to get?

I'm planning on getting Green Lantern, Justice League, Animal Man, Phantom Stranger, Superman, and The Flash.

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Every one that's on my pull list..about 30 or so...but I will be dropping Deathstroke after issue 0, I can't take anymore Liefeld.

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Haven't decided yet. I know that I'm going to be getting Animal Man, Swamp Thing and Green Lantern... haven't decided as far as any others go

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Already got GL. It was solid.Looking forward to number two.

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From this week I got almost all of them.I didn't get only G.I Combat.

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Batwing, Sword of Sorcery, Green Lantern, and....... That's it, I guess. None of these comics are really compelling this month.

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I Got Action Comics, and I am going to get Flash and RHATO... And Teen Titans, just to see whats up.

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@quirky_anecdotes: How did you already get Justice League? I thought it came out on September 19th.

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I'll probably pick up :

-Swamp Thing #0

-Batwing #0

-Animal Man #0

-Green Lantern #0

-Blue Beetle #0

-Batwoman #0

I was interested in Phantom Stranger and Justice League, but I'll be skipping those.

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All of the titles I'm currently reading plus Detective comics and Phantom Stranger.

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All of the titles I'm currently reading, plus Sword of Sorcery and maybe Talon

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  • Animal Man
  • Green Lantern
  • Red Lanterns
  • Stormwatch
  • Dial H
  • Earth 2
  • Savage Hawkman
  • Justice League Dark
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Action Comics

Batman and Robin

Batman inc


Swamp Thing