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No one says, "make mine Marvle".

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You know how they say "make mine Marvle"?

Well I totally agree, first of all Marvles art work and charecters seem more vibrant and dyanamic as well as long lasting.

Also, the stories they do not just focus on battles aka the struggle between good and evil villian meets hero so to speak and they fight.

Marvle gives there readers a in depth look at the charecters internal conflicts and how their past has an impact on their development as a quote un quote human being.

D.C. on the other hand will always be sort of shallow in my opinion a real meat an potatos kind of comic

in that we have a villan we have a hero they will fight and one will win nothing more.

Also their art has always seemed a little grainy in my opinion maybe it's because they want to maintain a sort of nastalgic feeling in their comics but I just can't seem to enjoy them.

In short Make Mine Marvle!


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Post Deleted.

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Post Deleted.

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Marvel wins no contest

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They did when I was a kid....ahhhh how times have changed.

I ask what you happend to the good old days?


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I like both... and also Marvel.

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For the most part I've been more impressed by DC's art then Marvel's at the moment. But alot depends on who's doing art. I prefer DC myself, but there are quite a few Marvel titles I like.

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DC all the way. I like some of Marvel's stuff but I'm really into DC

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Did Chemical Boy not hear that Elongatedman's wife was raped,and that a villain who was aways considered a clown was actually a pretty dangerouse villain,but was labotamized? And that members of the JLA wipped Batman's mind. It dont get much more character driven than that. But with that said,at times I like Marvel better,and sometimes I like Dc better. All depends on whats happening.
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I stand corrected, no I did not hear about that and thank you for the info I mean talk about a plot twist that's more extreme than some Marvle titles i've read.

and so I am willing to give D.C. some respect points.

However, I said it before and I'll say it again:

Make Mine Marvle


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The Marvel stuff is ok, granted I haven't not read heaps of marvel but when I first started getting into comics I bought a few marvel and DC titles and I just enjoyed the DC titles way more.