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1. Who has better characters?

2. Who has better stories?

*This is each person's opinion, it's okay to disagree, but I just ask for everyone to explain their reasoning.

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At this point, I think the differences between the two are pretty much negligible. Most major creators (writers, artists, editors, etc) have worked at both, so the universes aren't as different from each other as they were a few decades ago.

If I have noticed one major persistent difference, it's that Marvel is way more fixated on having their superheroes fight each other almost as much as they fight villains, which gets annoying after a while.

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@roboadmiral: What about Marvel NOW vs new 52?

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@xxxddd said:

@roboadmiral: What about Marvel NOW vs new 52?

I haven't read much of Marvel NOW, so I don't think I'm qualified to speak on it.

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Marvel has much better characters, and I don't think either has better stories then the other.

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@roboadmiral: Are you a fan of Bendis or Fraction, then?(I believe neither of them have ever worked for DC)

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Im a Marvel guy, but before the reboots of Marvel Now and 52, I would say the better stories were in DC. Marvel has too much interaction with teams and other titles. The massive crossovers are killing Marvel. Not enough character development. I find Marvel to be much more darker now too

As for the characters, I side with Marvel. Almost every dude in DC is mega level. There is no connection to humanity IMO.

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@boschePG: DC,the diversity of stories is better not just focused on Avengers and X-Men and i like the characters more. And if i want a connection to humanity i go outside.

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I think there's several threads like this already....anywho, DC  for both.
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I like both but I get into DC more. I love reading Marvel but I don't ponder much on it as much as DC. For example after each issue of Batman, I try to come up with theories on what's going to happen next. I love trying to figure out which lantern corps. people I know would belong to. Or coming up with arguments to convince people Aquaman is cool. I find I don't do the same with Marvel. I read the story and might have discussions about it on comicvine but that's it. DC is a larger part of my life.

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I read more Marvel's than DC's; I think they possibly have more relatable characters. But I enjoy a larger percentage of my DC titles to Marvel's, and in general, my DC books are at the top of my pull-list each week. They feel like more bang for your buck.

I've preferred the New 52 relaunch to NOW! I'm thinking DC has marketed N52 with a bias towards a more adult audience and more of the "Wednesday-crowd", whereas NOW is staying true to a late-teens/casual audience, and tried to accommodate for movie fans picking up their comics. If I had to choose a side, though, I don't think I could live without either.

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Although I read more Marvel than DC and most of my favourite characters are Marvel, I think that the two companies as a whole are roughly equal.

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DC has better characters and stories. Marvel is only ok sometimes.

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To be honest both categories fluctuate a lot in favors of both companies.

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Yeah the big events from Marvel I think have done more damage than anything else. Marvel has gotten considerably darker as someone else said but it still feels lighter than DC.

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1. DC 2. Marvel because of consistency. (However, the New 52 is pretty good; this might change)

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I think DC does stories and villains better and Marvel does a bit better with fleshing out their heroes.

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1. DC because of Batman.

2. DC

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Marvel for characters DC for stories

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@Impala said:

@boschePG: DC,the diversity of stories is better not just focused on Avengers and X-Men and i like the characters more. And if i want a connection to humanity i go outside.

I agree wholeheartedly. I like Marvel a lot, but there's too many crossovers, and a majority really is just Avengers and X-Men.

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It ebbs and flows, though to be honest, I've been answering this question "DC" for the better part of 15 years now. Marvel has been kinda "bandwagoning"..first it was the X-Men bandwagon. X-this..X-that. And Wolverine was everywhere. Now it's Avengers 24-7. DC does the same thing with Batman, but doing it with a flagship character that's been around almost as long as your company, makes more sense than doing it with a team that wasn't even that popular until they had a successful movie a year ago.

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@boschePG said:

Marvel has too much interaction with teams and other titles.

I agree with this.

I hate that most Marvel titles I pick constantly have the X-Men and Fantastic Four mixed together, or Spider Man and the Avengers, they need to give each team/hero solo issues(like DC does).

  • Green Arrow-Star City
  • Batman-Gotham
  • Superman-Metropolis
  • Wally West-Keystone City
  • Wonder Woman-Themislclara(I know I spelled it incorrectly)
  • Hal Jordan-Green Lantern Corps
  • Aquaman-Seven Seas

Where as

  • Hawkeye-NYC
  • Iron Man-NYC
  • Thor-Asgard(not currently, though)
  • No Marvel's Flash
  • Ms. Marvel-Don't even get me started on her terrible "Captain Marvel" transformation.
  • Quasar-Dead. And before then part a horribly written team called "The Annihilators."
  • Namor-He is a constantly fights against or alongside the Fantastic Four, and is a horrible ruler(he caused the destruction of his Atlantis by going to war with Wakanda). He shouldn't even be considered a hero. At best he's an anti-hero and at worst he's a villain, while being a douchebag 100% of the time.
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Marvel has better characters and better stories.

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DC for both

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DC is greater in both categories.

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All Time

  1. Marvel in a curbstomp.
  2. Marvel is an even bigger shocking curbstomp.


  1. Marvel
  2. DC

DC sucks before The New 52.

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DC stomps both.

Marvel is currently so f#cked up .

The only series worth reading are Daredevil and Thunderbolts.

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Before and after the new 52 and marvel now both companies are beyond awesome and to say one is better than the other is just dumb

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Why did you make this thread? Are you trying to start a civil war or something?

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@SirFizzWhizz said:

Marvel for characters DC for stories
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I've always been a Marvel guy.

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@xxxddd said:

  • Wally West-Keystone City

Who? What book does this guy show up in? Is he a cowboy or something? Wally West fastest gun in the West.

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Marvel characters (more interesting)

DC stories (the majority are good)

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It really just depends on your taste and what you are reading.

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I like both. My favorite characters are from Marvel. I like the grounded real world Dc has made though.