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1. Ted Kord

  • Wouldn't die during Infinite Crisis
  • Would be the first Blue Beetle
  • Dan Garret would kill him and be the second Blue Beetle

2. Dan Garret

  • Dan Garret would be part of Ted Kord's rogue gallery
  • Would kill him and become the second Blue Beetle
  • He would realize the error in his ways and become a hero

3. Deathstroke

  • Debut would be the same
  • In love with Pandora
  • Invincible

4.Booster Gold

  • Be part of the military in the future
  • Becomes Leader of Gotham City Police Department
  • Alcoholic
  • Founding member of JLA

5. Timber Wolf

  • Timber Wolf would fiirst appear in Bizzaro's series
  • Has a dark secretive past
  • Is not a team player (He's still part of the Legion of Superheroes)

6. Bizarro

  • Went rogue when Lex Luthor created him
  • Is a hero
  • Debuted in his own series
  • Founding member if JLA

7. General Glory (Jones)

  • Would fight Nazis in his first adventures
  • Wouldn't die
  • Founding member of the JLA

8. Superman

  • His home planet wasn't destroyed
  • Founding member of JLA
  • King of Krypton

9. Darkseid

  • Reality control power
  • Fought Booster Gold in debut
  • In love with Pandora

10. Doomsday

  • A normal human that hated Superman
  • Made a deal with Lex Luthor to become Doomsday
  • Realizes the error in his ways and joins JLA too try and become a hero
  • Fights Bizzaro in his debut as Doomsday
  • As a human he is a commander in the military

11. Blue Beetle

  • Jaime Reyes became Blue Beetle when Dan Garret was killed by Joker
  • He is a black superhero
  • The Blue Beetle suit doesn't look different on him

12. Joker

  • Nemesis of Ted Kord
  • Takes over Gotham City Police Department
  • Debuted fighting Ted Kord

13. Superboy

  • Member of Legion of Superheroes
  • Not nearly as powerful as Superman
  • Not a clone

14. Starfire

  • Member if Legion of Superheroes
  • The most powerful hero on earth
  • Can use any heroes powers

15. Ra's al Ghul

  • Timber Wolf's son
  • Has the same Feral as Timber Wolf
  • Debuted capturing Power Girl

16. The Presence

  • Helps Ted Kord
  • Is the God of the DC Universe Zero
  • IDK
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what the heck is this?

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@Jorgevy: It's my idea for an alternate DC universe: Universe Zero