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After 8 years Legendary and WB have went their seperate ways, which does not bode well for future DC movies in the immidiate future


Personally even after watching Man of Steel i never expected DC/WB to pull off the Justice League movie, but i didn't want them to just crash and burn like this.

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Wow, that a major bummer. I wouldnt say the chance has crash and burned, but it is definitely gonna put a large hurdle in front of them.

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Opens ways for new partners.

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It doesnt say anything about this casting doubt on the cinematic future. Quite the opposite, it looks to be saying DC can finance their super hero movies on their own, thereby having full creative control and increasing their profits. Sounds like good news.

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why did you make two of these?

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why did you make two of these?

cause i realized after i posted it in DC's forum that more people would probably see it if it was in the general discussion forum, and like an idiot i made this thread and completely forgot that i could easily move the other one here...sooooo yeah not my finest moment but whatever.

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Oh no!!! It's not like DC is owned by Time Warner, one of the biggest media companies in the world and last year posted over 68 billion dollars in assets. Where will they get the money to make movies?

People, the future of the DC movies is fine. WB has more than enough to shoulder the cost of the movies, they just want more control and more of the profits.

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Good. Bring Nolan to Disney.

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DC should have Disney/Marvel Studios reboot their films. DC should Crisis away the New 52 now that they have violently torn Superman back from his creators corpses and restore the DC the Public cares about. DC should shoot anyone in the face who attempts to re-imagine classic DC concepts. They Should but they won't.