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So before The New 52 kicked in I had been collecting comics, purely in trade, for about two years. I started with Marvel and quickly switched to DC.

Then The New 52 came around and since then I've been collecting an unhealthy amount of single issues.

Next came Marvel Now! and even more single issues. And now I'm finding myself leaning more to Marvel.

My point is, I love Marvel and DC but I never enjoy them both equally. I wondered if any of you find the same thing? That you switch between the two?

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I originally started out with some Marvel (Planet Hulk & WWH (maybe some singles I forget)), then thought, "okay, I'll read some DC now" and read JLA & started Batman & Superman. Since then, DC has heavily dominated (random guess, 90%:10%). I grew up on all the DC animated shows, so that probably helped, but also the more DC I read the more I got sucked into their world (knowing a lot of the smaller details of what's going on in each character's bubble) and that made it harder to give more time to Marvel. I really like a lot of Marvel characters, but the lack of (comparative) world/story familiarity makes it hard to really get back into it. (Like, would I rather go to the party where I'm really good friends with everyone, or to the one where I have a few good friends, but the rest are friends of friends?).

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I've always gravitated toward DC

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Before I read comics I preferred Marvel. When I actually started reading, I leaned towards DC. Both are superb companies but I prefer that vibe from DC.

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I've always preferred DC. I'm only collecting a few Marvel trades like the Amazing Spider-Man and Deadpool (probably not the new Marvel Now version). I have cancelled all X-Men subs last year.

I'll probably pick up a few new Iron Man trades. I stopped collecting them a few years ago after the Civil War storyline. Maybe I'll pick up starting with volume 5.

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I always buy a mix of both every week.