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If the Phoenix Force ended up in the DC universe and possessed any 5 heroes/characters, who would it be in your opinion? How would it end?

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Phoenix Force possesses Raven. It would probably drive her mentally insane and make her lose control of her evil ways, which would bring her father Trigon's control as well. Trigon becomes a happy father and all hell breaks loose.

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there is nothing i hate more in comics than the damn phoenix force

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Batman would get it cause, well, he's Batman.

He will never be corrupted with the Phoenix Force because he will have some secret gadget in his utility belt that would cancel it out. Or we will have a flashback in his training that could explain why he could not be corrupted. Either way, he's still patrolling Gotham City and ridding them with low-level criminals. Powerful criminals won't be coming to Gotham, other superheroes won't dare either.

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If as a singular entity; Raven, she was essentially created to be the DC copy of Jean.

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Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Victor Zsasz, The Ventriloquist/Scarface, and the Mad Hatter.

That would be a fun comic, and it would help elevate some Batman villains not named Joker/Two-Face.

And it would end with a 'Crisis On Infinite Earths'-type brawl.

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Not super familiar with TPF, but isn't it drawn to telepaths? Hector Hammond maybe?

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Raven that would be awesome

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