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The SSoSV are (or at least,were) one of the prominent forces in the DC universe.

They were the biggest villain organization and the main agents of evil on earth and it was comprised of most villains out there. Like shown in YJ,they were behind most of the things that happened in the DCu and they were also highly formidable foes of the Justice League and,besides Darkseid,one of the most formidable. Basically,imagine how they were portrayed in Young Justice,and magnify that a bit. There were top tiers that were ranked high in the organization,and low level ones like Hyena that were used as henchman.

If DC has this dangerous,prominent and awesome organization in their universe (they were basically the villains version of the concept of the Justice league,villains coming together to achieve their goals and were one of the deadliest and most dangerous threats earth has secretly walking among them,they were the Yin to the Justice League,who was the Yang),but what about Marvel? Marvel seems a bit too...dispersed in terms of their villains. Too many minuscule villain organizations.

Can anyone help out? I don't believe that Marvel doesn't have a linked villain team that's the biggest of their universe,the top dogs,the true prominent threats that cause hell on earth.

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Marvel seems to have smaller groups of villains or solo villains that are pretty dangerous.

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Maters of Evil, The Cabal, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

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Yea the Masters of Evil is your answer.

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@pokeysteve: @black_lantern_mar_vell: Yeah,I was thinking them,too,but the Masters of Evil is mostly (nowadays) composed of,what, C-listers lead by Baron Zemo? I don't really see them as having as much an influence on their world....unless someone disproves me,but I think I know a sufficient amount on them...

And the Cabal is inactive and barely had an influence. The Brotherhood of Evil mutants is my only other choice from my knowledge,but at the same time,they only affected the X-men Universe and are disbanded currently.

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I'd say the Masters of Evil are more like the Injustice League. The closest to SSoSV is probably the Cabal.

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I don't really know what the Masters of Evil has done,and the current version is.......meh.