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Any good ones that are not known or should be known? pls help.

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What about Giganta?

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@TheHulk: im looking for something a little less familiar..

If anyone MUST know why,well injustice gods among us is coming out next month and I want to see what female villains you guys think could of been in the game?

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@TheHulk: What on earth is she wearing on her feet? They're like mechanical Crocs. Eugh.

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@akbogert: Those are timberlands.

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How about livewire??

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gotham ladies: Harley Quinn, poison ivy, Catwoman (anti-villain though) talia,

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@TheHulk said:

What about Giganta?

$20 says Giganta can sit on that bus and make it disappear.

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Giganta, Livewire and Golden Glider are some favorites of mine...

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Catwoman was a good one, until they made her into yet another anti hero.

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Female Furies and Granny Goodness, although they are sort of known. Amazing Grace doesn't get much exposure though, and she is also from Apokolips.

I would say Fatality, but I guess she got reformed as a Star Sapphire.

Killer Frost, maybe.