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I was thinking maybe DC was gonna use the JLI for the Trinity War but after they cancelled it they created the JLA for a substitue and have the Trinity War

What do You Think?

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@marcosvergara14: pretty much. DC realised things sell better when it's "American"

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Oh well, at least some of the JLI members might be joining the main JLA right?

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That makes sense and is probably true but i have just never liked the JLI. I actually liked it even less the most recent time around with Batman on it

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The reason they canceled it was because they saw it as a joke. At least the roster of JLI made more sense than the on ein JLA.

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I'm not sure DC is organized enough to perform the maneuver you're suggesting. The JLA/Trinity War were probably conceived together separate from JLI's cancellation.

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@marcosvergara14: Yes, I agree. JLI wasn't making much sales so they replace it with JLA. I still wonder how Booster Gold fit into all this.