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I don't know if this has been done before but anyway.

Takes place in Darkseid's citadel

No infinity gauntlet. No BFR.

Only way to win is by TKO KO or Kill the opponent.

Thanos wants Apokolips and of course Darkseid just wont let that happen. Mangog sense the power in Imperiex and wants it. he tackles him and through the citadel wall and they fall into a fire pit. Thanos takes advantage and start's to pound on Darkseid. Doomsday goes to knock Thanos off but Apocalypse knocks him out of the citadel ( but no fire pit this time ). the fight's go on from there

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@SuperHulk8642:Team 1, you are in the wrong forum by the way. This is meant to be in the battles forum

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Yes you should make this in the battle forums, also think Team 1 (DC) will take it.

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no ig then

Imperiex solos