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What is the Dark Tower? It is the center of the Stephen King Multiverse.

This is Roland's goal and quest to save a World that is moving on and keep the Crimson King bringing ruination to all.





Lets start with Roland and his Bio. Click here.

Roland may seem like your common Cowboy with a humanly quick draw, but he is far more.

Roland was train since birth to fill the shoes of his father Steven. Steven being King of Gilead, Lead Gunslinger, and youngest to attain the Gunslinger mantel at 16. He also is the descendant of King Arthur himself.

Roland's Father, Cuthbert's Father, and Alain's Father are ambush by Slow Mutants with poison darts. This sums up being a Gunslinger.

Roland turns out to be a prodigy in his Gun Slinging more so than his father.


Roland has fought species of his world and other worlds that would tear apart the mere cowboy.

Vampires, Vampires come in 3 types. Type 3 are common and not as dangerous. Type Ones are known as Grandfathers like Barlow from Salems Lot and the Little Sisters of Eluria.

Slow Mutants. General term for deform humans. Most exhibit superior strength.

Taheen, the race of animal head humans. They possess keen eyes and senses. They are also immune to Telepathy.

Low Men, the cross breed of Taheen and Humans. They are made to blend in human society.

Not Men. Its still unknown if the Not Men are a result of technology or magic but are able to turn invisible. Perfect invisibility.

Demons. Demons in Roland's worlds come in many, many forms. They have possessed houses, act as Oracles, and live in the elements.

On top of all these Threats Roland has face robots and machines of the Old Ones. Mechanical Beings with highly advance weapons. Like the Wolves of Calla.

There are many other types including Sorcerers, Were Creatures, Psychics, and monsters that exist in the void of reality.


First lets look at Speed Feats. Roland Speed with his Revolvers and hands is described as Supernatural, Preternatural, and Blinding.

Scan 1: Roland speed to fast to see. Dark Tower

Scan 2: Roland Speed again with his back turn. Dark Tower

Scan 3: Roland dying of a fever moves too fast for human thought and described as fast as Blue Summer Lightning. Drawing of Three

Scan 4: Rolands Blinding speed again. Wizard and Glass

Scan 5: Rolands Supernatural Speed in reloading on horse back and galloping. Wizard and Glass

Scan 6: Roland Reloads with in human speed while dodging a mob. The Gunslinger

Scan 7: Roland reloads with a guy aiming at him with his teeth super fast. Drawing of Three

Scan 8: Description of Cuthbert speed and Roland is twice as fast according to Cuthbert and Alain.

Scan 9: Eddie Dean (Cuthbert reborn) drops down as Roland shoots 3 shots faster than he can think. The Wastelands

Scan 10: Roland as a child showed faster reaction and hand speed than other train gunslingers.

Roland easily quick draws and fires 2 rounds thru the same hole in Jonas head. Jonas was a well known Quick Draw and train Gunslinger.

Roland kills 8 Desert Dogs that charge him from all sides and only 10 feet away!

Here Roland reacts and kills 5 Vampire Sucker Bats near instantly.

Roland as said here was firing with blind rage yet still killed multiple enemies with every shot.

Flathearty and his gang of 20 of Type 3 Vampires, Low Men, and Taheen are killed before they could fire there guns back. Flathearty himself is killed while halfway drawing his gun and Roland still had his hand up to his mouth. Dark Tower


Accuracy feats!

Scan 1: Roland Fires his guns after being in pitch blackness for day and then fires again near Blind with perfect aim. The Gunslinger

Scan 2: Roland sick and dying uses a inaccurate Automatic pistol to predict and make a head shot. Drawing of Three

Scan 3: Roland Accuracy is commented when throwing a rock as true as his shooting. The Wastelands

Scan 4: Roland fires from the hip at Wolves of Calla (Robots) Antennas under their hoods with ease. Wolves of Calla

Scan 5-8: Roland spends a day with no food or water shooting explosive Harry Potter Sneetches that zig zag thru the air. Dark Tower

Roland sniper shot with his revolver from a impossible distance.

Durability and Strength

Roland has been banged up pretty Good as well.

After the Battle of Jericho Hill Roland been Shot and Skull Cracked. As seen from above he not only gets back but Sprints with a friend in his arms.

As seen here Roland has no problem tanking heavy hits even on the skull.

Roland jumps a Type One Vampire known as sister Mary. She slams him with that Vampire strength head first into a rock.Roland however is back on his feat quick.

Roland Kills a large Mutant Wolf with his bare hands while under a Glamour.

Roland breaks another mans wrist with his grip alone.

Other Feats and Gear

Roland has shown many times to Hypnotize people for info, to forget, or implant commands.

The Comic and Novel The Gunslinger best show off those Tracking abilities. Roland Tracking is superb and uses it to find and locate many a target or dinner.

The Grow Bag generates Gold and even Gems.

The Gunslinger's bullets are capable of drowning out sounds like the Thinny that pierces your skull and drives you insane.

Roland had come across the Speaking demon Jawbone. A Powerful magical jawbone that ward of the Glamour and Magic of Demons and Sorcerers.

Roland's guns are forge from Excalibur and been confirmed to kill immortals. Although they cannot kill whats already Dead like Type 1 Vampires.

Roland has carry TNT at times as well.

Scan 1: Roland dying of fever manages to half sleep and stay aware of Susana. Drawing of Three

Scan 2: Roland Psychically riding a Beam Quake to New York of another Universe can take in all he needs at first sight. Dark Tower

Scan 3-4: Roland during a battle with the Wolves of Calla is able to access the situation while reacting to threats still. Wolves of Calla


The Battle for Gilead

Roland with a few days time and only handful of novice Gunslingers hold off a army with Tanks and Bazookas.

The Battle of Jericho Hill

Roland Outnumbered and Outgun. Yet Roland and his Gunslingers kill a hundred to their 1. Roland even with Snipers after him is the last to go down.

Roland vs Not Men the first time. Armed with Flagg's killing Poison Darts.

Here Roland fights a Gang of Not Men mostly without his Billy Bumbler this time. Heck these guys are also more well armed than Poison Blow Darts.

Battle of Tull

Roland kills 58 people attacking him at once. He kills every single one of them with a single bullet. He been stab and pummeled with stones yet every shot remains true.

Roland and Cuthbert takes out one of Farson's troop encampments.

Roland's 5 minuet battle with the Wolves of Calla, 61 highly advance killing robots.. The Wolves of Calla

Roland has a run in with a Dust Devil demon.

Roland vs the Door Keeper Demon and the Demon in the Stone Circle while saving Jake.The Wastelands

At the Age of 14 Roland had to beat Cort (the Teacher and respected Gunslinger) in H2H to become a Man.

Roland vs Mordred Deschain. The Were Spider son of Roland and Crimson King.

Roland vs Slow Mutants.

Now I think Roland is pretty well covered. Lets move onto Flagg.





A bit on Randall Flagg. Click here.

Flagg is a re occurring villain in Stephen Kings books and has been confirm to travel thru the Stephen King multiverse. He is the main villain in many books including Dark tower, The Stand, Eyes of the Dragon, and many more.

Various Magic Powers

Scan 1: Flag waves away Roland's Shots.

Scan 2-3: Flagg Immune to range attacks when he casts the right spell for them. The Gunslinger

Scans 1-2: Flagg Magically creates a Flash Fire.

Scan 2: Flagg performs the fire trick for Roland. The Gunslinger

Scan 1: Traveling thru doors even thru odd shapes.

Scan 2: With a Piece of Chalk he can Travel thru doors.

Scan 1-2: Flagg creates blinding flashes.

Scan 1-2: Flagg Raises the Dead.

Scan :3 Flagg Raises Dead Again.

Summons Animals many times like Ravens, Weasels, Rats, Bats, Spiders, and in this case Wolves. Last Stand

Scan 3: Flagg Raises the Dead again.

Flagg has not mastered invisibility but has mastered Dimness which is close to it. Eyes of the Dragon

Scan 1: Flagg use of Magic Medicine that always work. Eyes of the Dragon

Scan 2: Flagg study of Magic over 100s of years from this book that drives men insane stupors. Eyes of the Dragon


Flag has also proven superhuman speed with his own hands as well. This goes with Flaggs quickdraw with his own guns. The Wastelands


Flagg kills Cuthbert, who is avoiding incoming gun fire, with a Cross Bow shot from a battlefield away.

Shape Changing

Scan 1-2: Transform into a Raven to spy on the Judge.

Scan 3: Transform into a Giant Raven

Scan 4: As a Raven he can tear you up.

Scan 5: Flagg transformation onto his Raven form.

Scan 6: Flagg Shape Shifts into another man.


Scan 1-2: Transforms people into Dogs

Scan 3: Shape change a crow into his image.

Scan 4: Transform knife into a banana.

Electric Blasts

Scan 1: Electric Blast that can kill a man.

Scan 2: Summons Lightning in Raven form.


Scan 1: Mentally staggers another Telepath name Alain.

Scan 2 Mentally Staggers a very powerful Psychic name Sheemie.

Scan 3-4: Effortlessly reads Tick Tock Man's mind. The Wastelands

Flagg possesses a Third Eye that can see events anywhere he chooses in the present.

Seeing Crystal that Flagg uses to see future events that pertain to him. Eyes of the Dragon

Scan 1: Flagg reveals Roland's future via Tarrot. The Gunslinger

Scan 2: Reads entire kingdoms via Tarrot. Eyes of the Dragon


He is a Master of any Poison (Magical or not) in most of the Stephen King Multiverse.

Scan 1: Dragon Sand, burns you from the inside out. Eyes of the Dragon

Scan 2-3: Master of Poisons. Eyes of the Dragon

Scan 4-5: Deaths Head Spider. Poison so strong, it melts steal like acid, and kills on contact. Eyes of the Dragon

Scan 6-7: Flagg imbues his weapons with the poisons he has used. Eyes of the Dragon

Flagg can also create Poison weapons and books with the added Glamour Spell on it. when someone stares at the blank pages, they are cuaght in its trap. The Poison itself is Dragon Blood and causes you to bleed to death from the sweat pores and vomit.

He also proven to be immune to Chemical Gas used in wars. The Wastelands

Maerlyn's Grapefruit

He also possess his Demon Sister, Maerylin's Grapefruit, which has shown Omnipresence, Mind Reading, Illusion casting (Called Glamour), and Soul Sucking Abilities. Its also near Indestructible and the Demon is Invisible to everyone but Flagg.




Crimson King

Crimson king been around since the Time of King Arthur and has Arthur's blood in his veins as his Son.

Crimson Kings powers is documented by Stephen King and noted as a Powerful Psychic being. Stephen King wrote the story IT base on his knowledge and what he has known about the Crimson King power set.

Stephen king himself tell Roland what he knows of IT.

His Plans are simple. Rule the Dark tower or condemn the Multiverse into Chaos.


The Crimson Kings also is a were Spider and possesses 6 of the Bends of the Rainbow including the Pink sphere and Randall's lover.

Psychic Power

As a Were Spider and powerful Primordial being, the Crimson Kings has shown various Psy powers in feats, and thru the feats of his son Mordred who had the same powers and abilities on a weaker scale.

Scan 1: Mordred controls a Flock of Ravens to eat a man alive. Dark Tower

Scan 2-4: Mordred overpowers the Psychic protection and might of Randall Flagg himself. Dark Tower

Scan 5: Psychic Fire to torture and kill Roland.

Scan 6-8: Tanks a Psy Blast from Sheemie, a powerful Psychic, and confirms its less than his own.


CrImson King as a Primordial being is also Immortal and could only be killed by Roland's guns. Due to the Crimson Kings suicide he become Undead. Dark Tower

Also as Mordred has shown Were Spiders have Super Human Senses as well.

Durability and Strength

Scan 1: He has been shown to rip men apart with ease. His son Mordred can devour a human body of blood and meat in less than a minuet.

Scan 2-3: Crimson Kings leaps over 20 stories of castle to slam on top of Roland and shattering the earth beneath him.

Scan 4-6: Easily tanks Sheemie's best Psy Attack.




Pennywise the Clown (IT)

Pennywise the Clown is a Were Spider much like Crimson King, but of another Universe.

Stephen king himself relates Crimson King to IT.

Pennywise the Clown and the Spider are not ITs true form. IT is imprison outside Time and Space of the universe in what is called the Dead Lights. However its Psy presence (the Clown / Spider) is a physical vessel it uses to terrorize the universe of the Turtle.

As seen its true form cannot be conceived by mortal minds at all, even Bill's who Psy Power is boosted by the Universal Turtle.

Shape Shifting

It can Shape shift into any form from physical form to oozing puddle.

Quick Note on ITs Speed

Fast as a Express train.

ITs Mind Control

IT takes control of this man mind to kill and weaken the Psychic Group of surviving adults that challenge IT as kids.

ITs Psychic Strength

IT Psy power is so great that he created a raging Pocket Hurricane.

IT in its frustration at being wounded lashes out by blowing up the Sewers, Stores, and Transformer Boxes as well killing many people.

ITs Psy Battle kills others and felt by the whole town.

ITs full UNIVERSAL Psy battle with the Grown Ups protected by the Turtle in the Ritual of Chud

If read you realize IT was not only battling Bill and Richie mentally, but stealing their very Souls (as mention a battle of the mind and spirit) into the Dead Lights where ITs main form is Imprison. This Mental Battle was dragged thru the Universe and outside it. The Turtle Beam does it's best to empower the Young Group and Bill to win. It could not be physically harmed or killed, only Mentally destroyed and spiritedly broken, the main point was killing ITs offspring and banishing IT.

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Very impressive, I can't believe no one has commented on this. Such an amazing universe, I ever get tired of reading the books, and the comics are pretty well done.

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@Xanni15: Indeed. Thanks.

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Awesome Respect Thread

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Freaking awesome respect thread ! I can't even think how long this must of taken you. Cheers to you mate !

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Mad props on this.. must have taken ages. You've made me curious about Roland.

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Haven't read any of the comics but I'm about half way through Song of Susannah at the moment.

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Great work. You've remembered the face of your father.

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@cadencev2: Wow, this is impressive. "Thankee Sai, you are truly a word-slinger" lol.

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@cadencev2: Wow, this is impressive. "Thankee Sai, you are truly a word-slinger" lol.

My Grammar is terrible in this lol.

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I'm thinking about picking this up. It's really cheap, Peter David is one of my favorite writers and Jae Lee's art is stunning

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Great job on compiling all of this. It's good to see someone put this kind of effort into making a fairly complex world a bit more understandable to those that may be new to it.

The Dark Tower series is easily the most overlooked series. I'm genuinely surprised to see that it's not discussed that much around here.

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Awesome work. I plan to read Dark Tower soon. I had no idea that Pennywise the Clown can be related to Dark Tower universe.

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Here's a map of Stephen King's multiverse you might find interesting. It shows how interconnected his stories are. The quality is kind of crappy, have to blow it up a bunch to read it. Some of them, like Wizard and Glass, are fairly obvious if you've read both that and The Stand (the book it's connected to). Roland's Ka-Tet actually journeys through the Earth of The Stand, presumably after the events of the Stand. Wolves of the Calla ties to Salem's lot via Father Callahan, and of course, the book Salem's Lot which they find in the cave. Everything's Eventual is basically the story of Richard Earnshaw, aka Dinky, one of the Breakers who appears in The Dark Tower. Eyes of the Dragon, as mentioned, features Randall Flagg, who is quite possibly my favorite villain in all of literature. Flagg works for the Crimson King, destroying different worlds within this multiverse in order to weaken the Dark Tower so that the entire multiverse can ultimately be destroyed. The Crimson King is essentially the manifestation of a Chaos force (though as mentioned he is also a decendent of Arthur Eld making him at least part human) within this multiverse, and is in Insomnia and Black House.