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So while surfing the web I stumbled upon this article about a re-release of the Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu Ray toted as the "Ultimate Collectors Edition". It looks pretty awesome despite the slightly disappointing lack of too many new features. Even so I'm a sucker so Ill probably pick it up on Amazon where it will likely be 20 - 40 dollars cheaper.

What do you guys think? Will you be picking this up?


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Not for 100 dollars. I would have liked to see more actual bonus content than it has. I could care less about cards and figurines. That being said, if the price drops on Amazon I could see myself getting it.

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Looks neat, but not my kind of thing.

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If it'd been more like the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition, I'd have gone for it. The 6+ hours of in-depth documentaries plus 4 commentary tracks made the price very fair, and that's not even including the whole extension of the movies themselves. This however looks, at a glance, more like a money grab. So no, I'm not getting it.

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@kangaxx_54: I totally agree. One thing thats always bugged me about Nolan is his refusal to include commentaries or deleted scenes. Apparently he has some problem with them saying that a movie should only be seen how it was released to keep it as a set film and since deleted scenes were never "meant" to be seen they dont really exist or something like that.