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Just read on another site that Marvel Studios and Disney just got Daredevil back. This is great news and I'm sure fans are doing back flips over this. A point was brought up that a new film could made, but with S.H.E.I.L.D. getting a show maybe Daredevil could also. I doubt it, but thinking about it, it could work. He sure fights a lot more gangsters and ninjas then super powered baddies so why not. Whould the Vine fans want to see more?

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I would give a Daredevil TV show a shot. Hell, if it worked for Green Arrow it can work for him. The only worry I'd have is that the production values wouldn't be up to scratch. Always an issue with serialized stuff. A movie would be ideal, and it seems to be where Marvel is excelling right now.

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It's really hard for me to think of a Daredevil tv show or movie without thinking about the Affleck movie. That's bad, because I didn't enjoy the movie. I'm sure that after a trailer comes out, with all the cool special effects and dark moodiness, I'll be 100%, but for now I can't imagine a good show or movie featuring Daredevil.

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@gotwillpower: It may not be your thing, but I can easily see Daredevil being "Nolan-ized" for the modern age. Just picture a dark red suit instead of the sometimes brighter shades and slightly less emphasis on the toxic goo what gave Murdock his powers.

I would watch the hell out of that movie. Especially if we got cameos from other Marvel properties. Cap and Hornhead fighting side-by-side? Yes please. Two times.

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A Daredevil tv show would be great. Maybe something like Arrow.