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Now I have been wanting to do this for a long time but unfortunately haven`t had the time to but now its time! The famous demon hunter who is always classified as being the best, now Dante is a very complicated character and it is simply because of the many versions that many mistake him to be when all in all he is the same with all of his weapons, powers and abilities. Dante is a half demon born of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda and woman Eva, Sparda being a top-tier demon of great transcendence and of a royal bloodline even overpowered the demon Emperor and Prince of Darkness Mundus who ruled the Underworld for thousands of years with his sword triumphed over Mundus and his armies single-handedly, Sparda later down the line mysteriously disappears in which rumors and sources of speculation as well as theories have believed him to either be dead or trapped within the Underworld, Eva sadly is killed by a group of demons while fending for her children who happened to be Dante and Vergil both based on this traumatic and unforgettable experience become who they are by making a choice of different roads one to avenge his mother through the hunting of devils and the other to gain more power to be able to protect those he cares about now that the introduction is accounted for we can now pursue into the incredible character of Dante and his extraordinary as well as underrated abilities. I will not be discussing the alternative reality Dante from DmC as he is another character from another reality within the franchise.

Versions and the misconception

Now there are many versions of Dante and he is scaled based on the different eras of power that he experiences in regards to the equipment that he has however, the misconception is that Dante is separated by the versions when it is completely untrue and nonfactual, Dante carries all of his weapons, abilities and powers throughout the entire series he has all of his upgrades and equipment his abilities stem from the bandages that he has with his weapons in which he carries and bonds with the transformed soul as evidenced throughout the games, the reason why Quicksilver, Bangle of Time and etc is not featured in the modern games such as Devil May Cry 4 is because of gameplay mechanics which like PIS have an interference and the developers try to balance the games out to offer the player a more fun experience. Proof that attributes and contributes to this fact is the change in scenery within the games themselves, for example new demons are clearly displayed on Dante`s wall of trophies along with many different types of weapons and even a Scarecrow can be seen within the shop as shown in Devil May Cry 4.

This goes to show that Dante indeed keeps his shop in update with his recent upgrades and the design is evidence to that. I will be going step by step for Dante`s feats from the DMC 3 Manga towards the DMC 2 game and highlighting most if not all of his feats. Also another reason is that his abilities and weapons are attached or bonded with his soul which is a fact as shown throughout DMC 3 and DMC 4, the games were more so done in different time periods in which it doesn`t follow a linear order as it is chronological it begins with DMC 3 manga, DMC 3, DMC 1, DMC: The Animated Series, DMC 4, DMC 2 Novel and then finally DMC 2.

Devil May Cry Manga

The manga takes place 1 year before Devil May Cry 3 and it serves as a setup for the future events also its canon to the story as well.

This takes place during the manga in which Dante is battling a couple of demons and Dante is even shown to fall from a tower and then land into the hard concrete in which he plummeted from a great height and he gets right back at up like nothing happened this is before he awakened his Devil Trigger and he was steadily growing in power as well as understanding his abilities. Also Dante is shown to have been thrown into a massive crack of stone yet it does nothing to him and no major wound is found anywhere.

Alice who is one of the main characters within the manga with the empowering of Mad Hatters ancient dark magic becomes a new transformed demonic and vampric type being in which she attempts to drain Dante`s soul as well as blood but something impressive happens as Dante is able to repel the dark magic without moving a muscle, Alice becomes her regular self this shows that Dante indeed has a good resistance to magic and this occurred when Dante was at his youngest and he didn`t even discover his Devil Trigger yet.

Dante takes on one of the most powerful entities in the entire Devil May Cry universe and underrated as well in the form of a Seven Sin. The Seven Sins were demons or in particular fallen angels that were depowered and stripped of their power by Sparda himself in which he sealed them to the depths of the earth by taking away their names which held all of their power, Dante defeats the Seven Sin sloth in his human form without any kind of amp although he was evolving from the realization of his demonic blood and power, he is able to dodge as well as easily blitz Sloth in which he launches Rebellion at rapid speed.

Dante ignores a slash from Yamato within his confrontation with Vergil and he brushes it off as he is able to still grip Rebellion and continue firing bullets at Vergil, this is Dante before Devil May Cry 3 as well.

Devil May Cry 3

Dante`s power drastically and dramatically rises within this game or story-line as shown with his weaponry, abilities, Devil Trigger and etc. The following is Dante`s regeneration, Dante`s Devil Trigger is insane and top tier his wounds heal in a immeasurable amount of seconds preventing him from losing limbs and so on so forth. Also his durability is very impressive as well.

Dante`s impressive durability feats

Dante survives being cut by Yamato and impaled by his sword right after by his brother Vergil. 1:07-2:30

Survives being cut by Yamato, even when in a weakened state and is mostly drained of his battle with Vergil. This is a younger Dante too. 3:12

Dante is not crushed by the force of a high level demon of brute strength such as Beowulf.

Survives bullet to the head.

Is not bothered by the flames nor temperature of Berial the Conqueror of the Fire Hell in which his flames are of hell fire.

Survives being impaled through the chest by a supernatural weapon of lightning.

Survives the attack or assault of the angry and flaming Ifrit as its flames are hotter than that of a volcano.

Survives being impaled in the chest by three of Mundus` laser beams. 0:46-0:48

Survives Mundus` powerful and life threatening eye beams once again and is directly hit by Mundus`s summoned meteorites but once the next battle begins, he does not look worn out or severely damaged. 6:18-6:25


His face is still intact after being pummelled mercilessly by an angry Nero`s Devil Bringer which is able to crack stone and block Rebellion and he also survives being impaled directly in the chest by Rebellion once again and shrugs it off, he also removes Rebellion, showing no signs of pain or discomfort.

Shows no signs of pain when being impaled by several Hell Prides` scythes and just shrugs it off while removing the broken pieces. 1:42-2:13

Smiles and is annoyed due to being impaled by the demon Sid who violently impaled him with his own sword, and he violently removes rebellion from his chest without hesitation. 2:17-3:40

Survives Trish`s demonic lightning which was given to her by Mundus himself. He also survives as well as shrugs off being impaled by Force Edge. 2:14-3:05

Dante also has Chrono Heart which would help him in this fight.


Here are some more feats for Dante in regards to damage outisde of physical injury.

He is able to resist a powerful artifact that can drain one`s soul which in exchange gives power to the one who wields it. 00:00-2:40



Dante is able to grasp an artifact of great demonic magic which drains the soul of its essence however it grants the holder and wielder temporary power, Dante is able to resist it and doesn`t collapse or black out this is Dante at his youngest. Here are official in game descriptions of the item and its connection to the different bridges powered throughout the game.

Devil May Cry 3, Key Item File — Neo-Generator: "A magic artifact able to supply power for an eternity. It is used to power the main bridge."

Devil May Cry 3, Key Item File — Haywire Neo-Generator: "He who holds this broken device is irradiated and their soul is drained in exchange for power."

1:12 - 1:30

0:02 - 4:11

Dante is impaled by his own sword Rebellion violently in the chest as well as heart by the demon Sid who becomes the godlike demon Abigail however this doesn`t phase Dante as he just laughs and removes the blade causing Patty to want to remove the sword but what she fails to realize was that Dante was only taking a nap intently and purposely, joking around as usual and he removes the sword with a smile, removing without hesitation feeling no pain or discomfort.

Dante`s powers, abilities and weaponry are massive in regards to an encompassing arsenal, in regards to his weapons he has many and has mastered many.

Dante relinquishes the soul of Nevan in which he masters a magically and electrically empowered guitar that summons bats.

  1. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Devil Arm File - Nevan': "Dante can control bats by jamming on this curious guitar. Its sickle attack is deadly."
  2. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Combat Adjudicator — Nevan: "I am the combat adjudicator. Only a technique charged from the heavens can move me.
  3. "Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Preview".Game Informer (GameStop Corporation) (206). June 2010.

Dante defeats and absorbs the soul of Cerberus in which he is able to manipulate cold tempatures in the form of an unearthly ice.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Devil Arms File — Cerberus: "A weapon of 3 interlocking rods, infused with the elemental power of ice."

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Combat Adjudicator — Cerberus: "I am the combat adjudicator. Only a technique icy-cool to the core can move me."

Dante defeats twin powerful demons named Agni and Rudra he also claims them as weapons in which they become new Devil Arms ultimately allowing him to control Fire and Wind.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Devil Arms File — Agni & Rudra: "Blades with serrated edges that hurl forth fire and tornado-like gusts."

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Combat Adjudicator — Agni & Rudra: "I am the combat adjudicator. Only a technique of gales and flames can move me."

Defeats a Doppleganger of himself and is able to manipulate the being with his will this being has all of Dante`s abilities and weapons as it utilizes mimicry.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Style File — Doppelganger: "Style that allows the player to control shadows, effectively creating copies of himself to assist in battle.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Doppelganger Style: "Special power used by the Doppelganger enemy. This Style gives you more freedom in battle to try out different tactics and combos."

0:30 - 1:30, Dante defeats Geryon and takes hold of his soul granting him the ability of time manipulation.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Style File — Quicksilver: "Time-controlling style in which the player can move at lightning quick speeds."

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Quicksilver Style: "Special power that Geryon used to control time. This Style gives you more freedom in battle to try out different tactics and combos."

Dante`s speed, reaction time, accuracy, reflexes and senses are really impressive as well.

Dante is hypersonic+ in overall speed and is above Mach 5.

4:45 - 5: 25 able to shoot multiple pool balls accurately into all of the demons and he does so with absolute ease he also battles with them at a very fast pace.

10:34 - 10:50, Dante reacts to an incoming missile and he hops onto the missile with no effort, and this is coming in at fast speeds.

At point 2:31, you can see Dante cut and react to an incoming missile also Dante wasn`t even really paying attention to it he just reacted to it like it was nothing.

At point 1:14 - 2:45, Dante in a short burst vanishes and fires accurately at the demon armor also this is Dante in human form, in Devil Trigger form he would be more than five times as fast.

At point 0:15 - 0:24, Dante easily and with great marksmanship fires multiple bullets to force Yamato into the Savior also this shows that Dante does not only have great speed and timing but he also has great accuracy.

Dante also has his Trickster Style which is pretty much even with Vergil`s Dark Slayer Style which Dante mastered and its even instantaneous in movement, its a form of teleportation, Dante has access to both styles also.

Trickster Style

Air Trick: Disappear in the blink of an eye, then reappear above the enemy ready to strike.

Dark Slayer Style


Air TrickInstantaneously teleport to a spot directly near the enemy.
Level 2
Trick Up++Instantaneously teleport to a spot directly above where you were standing or jumping.
Level 3
Trick Down++

Instantaneously teleport to a spot directly below where you were standing or jumping.

As you can see based on this introduction, Dante has a ton of feats and is a massive POWERHOUSE -literally. He is very underrated its quite the challenge more than expected to even place and structure all of his feats in a condensed method due to how many he has in correlation with his in game abilities which is why I decided to categorize them and keep them a bit minimized to a small degree on a fair level.

Dante`s weapons

Now in every game Dante is shown to have an accessibility of many kinds in regards to his weaponry, now Dante has one of the biggest arsenals ever when including all of his canon material.

Ebony and Ivory are Dante`s trademark guns in which they have unlimited ammo and even channel Dante`s demonic energy which contains magical extensions as well. What makes them more impressive is the simple fact that they were made and customized as well as crafted by Dante himself showing how creative as well as resourceful he truly is within the depths of his creativity.

  1. Devil May Cry, Guns — Ebony & Ivory: "Dante's hand-made guns."
  2. Devil May Cry 2, Weapon File — Handguns: "Dante’s hand-made twin pistols. They fire bullets with magic power."
  3. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Guns File — Ebony & Ivory: "Dante's personally designed handguns made for rapid fire action."
  4. Devil May Cry 4, Dante's Arms File — Ebony & Ivory: "Personally designed by Dante, these pistols are the weapons of choice when rapid-fire is a necessity."
  5. Devil May Cry 3, Code: 1 — Dante, Dante's Weapons — Ivory: "Ivory, his right gun, is custom built for rapid firing. Various parts are rounded to ensure fast draw times."
  6. Devil May Cry 3, Code: 1 — Dante, Dante's Weapons — Ebony: "Ebony, his left gun, has been modified for long-distance targeting. it is designed for comfort and accuracy."

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Customize Guns — Ebony & Ivory: "Raises max firepower."

Dante`s Devil Trigger and other forms

Now what Dante is also famous for is his absolute demon forms which triple his overall power throughout the games what makes these transformations special is the fact that they can prevent, counter and guard Dante against many types of things such as being entangled, hypnotized, soul drained, life force drained, frozen, burnt, and a multitude of other things. When in these forms Dante gets a massive boost of strength and every other aspect as his healing factor also increases he is extremely durable when in these forms also.

Dante`s most powerful form and Devil Trigger transformation is the Majin Form in which he is 100% invulnerable to damage and within his forms he can also fly. He had enough power to take out powerful demons in mere seconds many believe that DMC 2 was watered down in regards to the difficulty and challenge but what I believe is that the developers were trying to show emphasis on Dante`s character and how powerful he has gotten since the earlier games no enemy in that game is able to stand up to him.

Dante`s dreadnought form makes him impervious to enemy assault and gives him an extra boost of power as well.

Enemies of importance

Dante like other demon hunters or renegades has a huge list of enemies which is why I will be emphasizing and focusing on the important ones. Now many say the enemies Dante has fought are weak or inferior significantly in comparison to the one`s Ghost Rider, Superman or Spawn has fought which is false and I know all three characters well, I have comics for all three of them and I am huge fan of all three of them but it is far from being true. Now let`s take a look at his most revered and primitive enemy which is obviously Mundus Emperor of the Underworld itself.


Now Mundus is a very powerful demon and ruler of demons, he rules the Underworld and the hellish realms that reside within it as he controls most if not all lesser demons but on top of that is able to create life from scratch as shown with his minions that Dante battles earlier throughout DMC 1.

Mundus has the following abilities:

-Manipulation of matter as he is able to create pocket dimensions representing space which holds stars in the far reaches of the atmosphere.

- Can create life.

- Can manipulate souls and dead souls as evidenced with Vergil once he killed him he took over his spirit and turned it into Nelo Angelo granting him more power.

- Able to appear at different areas at different times.

- Has great knowledge and experience has been ruling the Underworld for more than 2,000 years.

- He is even aware when Vergil is defeated by Dante which further proves his ability and before killing Griffon takes on his aura red orbs form within the sky.

- Is immune to time manipulation as the Bangle of Time had no effect on him and he grant immunity to his servants as shown with his generals which are the other bosses throughout the game.

- Mundus is even immortal and couldn`t be put down Dante regardless of how much damage he took he can only be truly defeated through a seal.

Dante can harm spirits, intangible and incorporeal beings




The Sargasso which are the skull entities freeze things solid and suck on energy with their breath assault ability but this has no effect on Dante at all.




Characters like Martian Manhunter and Danny Phantom wouldn`t be a problem for Dante considering his weapons don`t merely target the physical they also attack the spiritual/soul aspect even within the game was Dante finishes an enemy they are shown to shatter completely.

Dante`s insane resistances

Dante is pretty much highly resistant to most if not all elements and has a great degree of resistance when it comes to magic.

Lets start with the element of ice now Dante`s Devil Trigger protects him from extremely cold tempatures that reach below sub zero temperatures and within DMC 4 he was shown to be able to resist and not be affected by the cold that was created by the Frost who emit said temperatures.




Now next is lightning which also is a testament and contribution to Dante`s speed he was able to compete, sense and react to Blitz who moves at the speed of lightning.



Now onto the element of fire, Dante is not immune to these elements by the way but he is definitely highly resistant in opposition towards them and Dante adapts quickly too, he was able to tank Ifrit a gauntlet that utilized hell fire which was hotter than a volcano as well as magma and Dante casually sat on Berial Conqueror of the Fire Hell`s tail in which Berial rules a realm or hell that is conceived in pure hell fire and the hottest fires.



Now that pretty much wraps up all of the elements now something interesting that might raise an eyebrow in the form of a question is Dante immune or have a strong resistance against telepathy or telepathic assault? The answer is yes.

Now Dante doesn`t only have a strong will and mind composed with his magical/demonic energy but he also has a decent deal of experiences that deal with the factors of the mind in the form of magical charms, hypnosis and psychic manipulations.

Now to begin we will start off with Nightmare, what makes this demon very deadly is the fact that it was created by Mundus himself the same godlike demon who can communicate spiritually, on another plane and in some ways telepathically, and this Nightmare demon was specifically made for Dante in particular. This creature feeds off of Dante`s Devil Trigger energy while using that same energy to attack his mind by delving into his subconsciousness. The spirits take the form of Dante`s trauma and it takes place in a dimension in the form of Dante`s complete mind/conscious, Dante is able to resist the spirits and break out free from the dimension the light in a sense symbolizes his will power or mind breaking free.

5:41 - 7:22


Devil May Cry, Enemy File — Nightmare: "When you are surrounded in its gel-like form, you will be teleported into an evil dimension. You must defeat the evil spirits that rule the dimension. The evil is a reflection of Dante’s trauma that rests in his subconscious."

Devil May Cry, Enemy File — Nightmare: "The core has the power to absorb magical powers, and it does not exclude Dante’s powers. If it starts to absorb, damage the core to stop the absorption. When it absorbs enough magical powers, it will activate its own Devil Trigger and start attacking with tremendous force."

1:51 - 2:03

Here is the second video notice the difference in effect.

6:26 - 6:38

Another being that deals with the mind is Nevan who initiates a form of mind control on Dante but within the Devil Trigger form he is immune and cannot be captured or harmed.

Mind tricks shouldn`t be able to work on Dante, a powerful telepath can invade his mind but I don`t think they can bend his will or turn him into a vegetable especially when he is in his Devil Trigger form.

One thing that might surprise many is Dante`s TELEKINETIC ABILITIES which are are shown throughout the canon anime and DMC 1 game.

2:56 - 3:11

Dante is able to repel and hold the motorcycle in midair leaving it suspended and then he destroys it with ease. A telekinetic character might not be able to affect Dante either who possesses a powerful will behind his powers.

1:25 - 1:30

Dante summons Rebellion to his hand before stomping Abigail a demon who rivaled Mundus in power.

Dante`s sealing abilities and overall raw power

Dante can seal powerful demons or send them to hell with his weapons and through the utilization of specialized techniques such as Jackpot, Yamato and etc.

7:38 - 8:22

Dante seals Mundus with Trish`s help however this not because of PIS it is because of Dante being in a weaker state in DMC 2 and the anime he performs the same technique in which he destroys the enemy or depowers them. The technique is shown to being able to work on demons or beings of the supernatural and it seals for 2,000 years.

1:34 - 2:07

Dante annihilates Abigail a demon who is able to easily destroy buildings and skyscrapers also overall this being rivaled Mundus in power yet Dante stomps him with a brief second of his Devil Trigger and he depowers him through Jackpot as a demon named Sid had gained access to the power itself. Dante takes hits from Abigail who can destroy skyscraper level buildings and Dante is unfazed this is Dante within his base form as well.

As shown within this video Dante is even able to curbstomp an entity that far surpassed Mundus in power and this being was warping reality also it ruled over the Underworld, Dante with no amp whatsoever destroys it with complete ease this is Dante at his oldest and strongest with 50-60 years+ of demon hunting experience this is obviously done through a Jackpot.

In his youngest form alongside Vergil he is able to depower Arkham and banish him from the Underworld.

Royal Guard

Now this stylized technique is very important considering the fact that Dante nearly has the ultimate defense that many overlook this ability blocks and redirects energy attacks, projectiles as well as physical attacks but at the enemy with multiple the force depending on how much is charged. It also heals Dante as well.

Dante`s speed is even underrated considering he moves passed Mach 5 during DMC 3 and could is massively hypersonic in which he is close to relativistic speeds up to DMC 2 being faster than thought as proven also with Alastor he is able to move and battle at lightning speed approximately.


  1. Devil May Cry, Enemy File — Plasma: "Alastor is the form of "Spirit of Lightning". It only obeys commands of the chosen one. Hence, the powers of the Alastor do not work effectively against the Plasma."
  2. Devil May Cry Game Manual
  3. Devil May Cry, Devil Arms — Alastor: "Gives the possessor lightning speed and aerial capabilities."

Devil May Cry, Alastor: "I am Alastor. The weak shall give their heart and swear their eternal loyalty to me."

Time and Chrono Manipulation

Now Dante also has the ability to stop time with Quicksilver but in-game due to gameplay mechanics it can only slow down time and make Dante appear faster in speed however by the canon cutscene it can definitely stop time by a lot more, Dante also has the Bangle of Time which also slows down time by 100% and he has the Chrono Heart which increases his speed.

  1. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Style File — Quicksilver: "Time-controlling style in which the player can move at lightning quick speeds."

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Quicksilver Style: "Special power that Geryon used to control time. This Style gives you more freedom in battle to try out different tactics and combos."

Devil May Cry, Items — Bangle of Time: "A mysterious wrist band that has the power to stop time."

0:10 - 1:10

This item also can slow time and increase stats in regards to speed as also used by Trish.

The Chrono Heart is a magic stone containing the heart of an old god which, when equipped, allows the user to slow time while attacking.[13][14] It is found during Mission 15 of Dante's scenario, and Mission 11 of Lucia's scenario.


Now this is a deadly and underrated weapon that Dante carries it officially has six hundred and sixty-six weapons although seven are revealed in game and the most ultimate revealed is Pandora`s Omen which is the supernatural light that obliterates all in its path and it had no effect on Dante whatsoever in a way I consider it to be Dante`s version of Penance Stare.

PF666: Omen++/++Open Pandora's box and damage all surrounding enemies with the flash of a violated taboo. Depletes the Disaster Gauge.

Devil May Cry 4, Dante's Arms File — Pandora: "A demonic weapon capable of 666 calamitous forms. It spells misery and disaster for countless foes."

Yamato and Rebellion

Dante now carrying Yamato which he gave to Nero by the end of DMC 2 although I still believe it to be his weapon and DMC 2 is after DMC 4 in the linear story-line so there is a good chance he could of reclaimed it after something happened to Nero, Lady and Trish which triggered his new personality. Yamato was a dimensional weapon that was used to separate the Demon World from the Human World as it sealed dimensional hell portals and could destroy them it was the only power that could revive them as well. The sword has the ability to cut through anything even at minimal is powerful enough to cut through dimensions and space.

As shown within the manga one of the Seven Sins places Vergil under an illusion and Vergil with Yamato is able to cut through that illusion with ease while dismembering the caster.

This sword was also forged by Sparda himself as was Rebellion proving how the stories of Sparda`s immense power are indeed true.

The sword is sharp enough to point to being powerful enough to being to able pierce through Nero`s invulnerable and heavily durable Devil Bringer Arm.

2:45 - 3:27

This same arm was able to tank and block an attack from Dante`s Rebellion blade.

6:00 - 6:24 and 6:46 - 6:52

Slash Dimension F++/++A swift motion of the blade that cuts through dimensional barriers and unleashes a vortex of destruction.
Slash Dimension C++/++A swift motion of the blade that cuts through dimensional barriers and unleashes a slicing cyclone with you at its origin.
Yamato Combo S,,/,, (ground)A lightning quick three hit combo from the legendary blade, Yamato.
Aerial Rave V,/, (mid-air)

Two quick slashes that cut through the air.

That sword was used to separate our world from the demons.”

—Dante, Devil May Cry 4

The "Enma" within Enma Katana (閻魔刀 Enmatou?)reference "Enma-O", the Japanese name for the Hindu judge of the afterlife, "Yama", so that the Devil Arm's name is idiomatically read in the same manner as Yamato (大和?), a Japanese term referring to the people and traditional nationalistic spirit of Japan.

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Combat Adjudicator — Yamato: "I am the combat adjudicator. Only a dark-forged blade can move me."

  1. Devil May Cry, Devil Arms — 閻魔刀: Yamato: "It's the legendary sword wielded by Sparda. It is said that it has the will and the power to divide and wipe out the darkness."

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Devil Arms File — Yamato: "A memento from Vergil’s father. This samurai-esque sword’s blade is said to cut through anything."

Devil May Cry 3, Code: 1 — Dante, Vergil's Weapons File — Yamato: "Sharper than a Japanese sword. It is his aesthetic that compels him to never use guns."

Devil May Cry 4, Nero's Arms File — Yamato: "A sword imbued with tremendous magic, it unleashes the latent power within Nero."

Devil May Cry 4, Dante's Arms File — Yamato: "A katana used by Dante’s brother, it is both the key to opening the Hell Gates, and to their very destruction."

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Style File — Dark Slayer: "A warrior fallen from grace. The power of darkness gives birth to new weapons and skills."

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Customize — Style: "Allows player to avoid enemy attacks using special evasive


This blade is very important considering it is a literal manifestation of Dante`s demonic power meaning his raw demonic energy that he uses to destroy and banish godlike demons such as Mundus, Abigail and the Despair Embodied is channeled throughout this blade. The blade helped awaken Dante`s demonic power in which he was able to utilize his Devil Trigger form as shown with his fight with his brother Vergil.

5:00 - 6:49

Interesting strength feats

Able to block a punch from the Savior who can crack stone easily and cause massive amounts of damage, what makes the feat more impressive is the fact that the Savior deactivated adding more dead weight on Dante himself and he is able to easily push away the Savior`s arm also he was battling the Savior for many hours and doesn`t seem to look tired.

Devil May Cry 4, Boss File — The Savior: "The most powerful demon brought forth by the Order of the Sword. Its exterior, oft-mistaken to be a god, holds a millennia of demonic matter and spirit melded together. With the blood of Sparda and his ancient sword, it will be possible to control The Savior for the first time."

Devil May Cry 4, Boss File — The False Savior: "Completely assimilating the body of Sanctus, the False Savior may fall short of a true god’s power; however, its repulsive tenacity means one must not let their eyes stray from it for too long. Bring forth final judgment upon this atrocity!"

During the battle with the False Savior, Nero's sword and gun are ineffective. And thus, the only way of defeating it is by using Buster.

At points 7:12 - 7:25, Dante is able to easily bust pure stone with just the one hit of his fist and he does this in base form after awakening his Devil Trigger.

At point 0:07 - 0:08, Dante in his base form is able to crack pure stone with just a light punch and it was falling from a considerable height this is Dante his absolute youngest.

Dante is able to use a motorcycle in combat while in the air performing forms of aerial combat against several demons and the motorcycle in all similarity relates back to Lady`s new bike in the DMC: Animated Series in which she has a 1974 Ducati 750 Supersport which weighs on average or roughly 190 - 210 kg. Dante was utilizing this bike with ease without strain or any problems in base form confirming his admirable strength.

0:54 - 1:10, Dante is swallowed by the demon Echidna and without too much struggle is able to resist as well as open up the jaws and escape.

1:08 - 1:18, Dante with no trouble at all is able to break Abigail`s claws which are impaled deeply into his body and these claws are able to cut through stone and steel easily as well as buildings leveled at the height of skyscrapers.

Summing it all up

Now Dante is one of the most powerful characters to date within video games and in general he is very underrated is feats are misjudged based on the earlier games and not the series in its entirety. Dante is the Goku of video games in my opinion proving his worth with his power and evolution. The following things are as proven.

Dante has high forms of resistance against mind trickery, telepathic assault and psychological manipulation.

Dante is faster than lightning by Devil May Cry 2.

Being impaled in the heart, shot, crushed, shot down and a multitude of other things are child`s play for Dante even in his base form he brushes of these critical wounds he won`t be able to feel them within his Devil Trigger form.

Dante has a huge arsenal.

Dante has an amazing defense

His durability is way above that of skyscraper deal damage as evidenced with his fight with Abigail in the Devil May Cry anime he is even able within his Sparda form in DMC 1 tank Mundus`s summoned meteorites and lands on a rocky terrain from a great height yet he is unfazed.

Has resistance towards magic, different elements and etc.

Dante can fly

Dante doesn`t need oxygen.

2:45 and as you continue you notice Dante doesn`t need anything gizmo or mechanism to breathe under water he doesn`t even have a duration bar.

Mundus, Abigail and the Despair Embodied were all demons that were planetary++ threats yet Dante managed to defeat all of them and in his DMC 2 incarnation is more than 200x more powerful with the Sword of Sparda, his Majin Form and etc he would definitely have enough raw demonic power to destroy the Earth that is if he were to become evil which would be a scary thought and fact.

Majin Form is a form that Dante achieved through his own power not the Sword of Sparda and it is even said that Sparda`s power grew too great which is why he sealed himself, Sparda took down Mundus and his armies with ease also. Dante being considered as a successor to his power is a huge accomplishment within of itself now having his power which he used against Mundus and his own Majin Form would definitely = planet wrecker able to cause damage to the planet through raw power, demons such as Abigail and The Savior has displayed city+ levels of destruction, Dante easily surpasses them by having both his father`s power and his own he would be able to reach this level. The Majin Form however is activated when Dante is at his lowest and nearing to critical health which is why it is also called the Desperate Devil Trigger, Dante is almost an invincible force and can cheat or escape Death with no fear at all either.



  1. Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Combat Adjudicator — Force Edge: "I am the combat adjudicator. Only a demon-forged blade can move me."
  2. Devil May Cry, Devil Arms — Force Edge: "A memento of Dante's father, Sparda."
  3. Devil May Cry 2, Weapon File — Sparda: "The Dark Knight's beloved sword."
  4. Devil May Cry, Devil Arms — Sparda: "It's the true form of the Force Edge, the sword wielded by the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda."
  5. Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Devil Arms File — Force Edge: "A sword magically imbued with Sparda's power. A powerful sword with great hidden potential."
  6. Devil May Cry 3, Vergil: "You should come to realize you cannot control the power of Sparda."
  7. Devil May Cry, "Informant Enzo Ferino's Testimony: "I seen him take on a dozen villains with only his strange sword...the one he calls Woozy."
  8. This action is only available to the Sparda.

Fun Fact

Dante in his Swordmaster Style with Beowulf can create a condensed and small supernova through channeling of supernatural light energy which also leads me to believe that the energy that the Beowulf Gauntlet`s have aren`t just light based but are also centered around heat energy.

Swordmaster Style

Level 1
Zodiac(ground)Pummel the enemy with charged energy released from your fingertips. Holding increases the power of the attack.
The Hammer(mid-air)Focus your might into a double-fisted haymaker that smashes enemies into the ground upon connection.
Level 2
Volcano++(ground or mid-air)Slam the ground with your fist to create a small super-nova that tears through enemies unfortunate enough to get in its path. Holding increases the power of the attack.
Level 3
Real Impact++A highly-focused, one-hit power attack that inflicts incredible damage to any enemy.
TornadoCrazy Real ImpactKnock the enemy into the sky then follow by kicking hundreds of times at lightning speeds.


Dante at full power can take down Superman easily, take on Hell Lord Spawn and defeat a Zarathos Ghost Rider.

Now how is Dante exactly weak and overrated?

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This is good. My point exactly. DMC 2 Dante is transcendent level, if not than higher. So many people make the mistake of thinking that even Thor could beat Dante. Also, I may use this respect thread when in "Dante vs." threads, if you don't mind.

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Yeah bro that is why i cant bring my self to hate DMC2 because of his power there exceed, maybe alucard or something like him.

whatever, Dante rocks the video game universe