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I don't know if i'm all alone here but does anyone else think summers makes being bad look so good!?

How would Scott be as a villain? like... with a conscience.

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all domestic disputes aside D=

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Like Magneto only less omnipotent and cocky. I would say the best way to look at him as a villain would be the charisma and leadership of Magneto with the prudence and planning of Dr. Doom. So I think he could be a really kick a$$ villain, but I like him as a more morally grey character.

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Nah, Jean does it better. She don't mess around.

And gets right straight to the point.

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Remember when Xavier went and talked to Scott and Scott talked to him about the importance of his visor how it gave him a singular goal and vision?

Scott's not wearing the visor anymore...

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I like Dark Phoenix Cyke simply because he got rid of that red thong.