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So far, looks like the Barry's fastest time shown (via the extended trailer here) is around 702 mph. Clark in the Man of Steel looked like he was just above Mach 1 (roughly 761.2 mph) so probably in the 770mph range. So few questions:

Do you guys think Barry will be faster than Clark?

Barry's reaction time will probably be the biggest difference, speed wise, right?

Odds they meet in a Justice League film?

What are we thinking Barry's offensive capabilities will be? Enough to hurt Clark or just above street level hierarchy like a CW Deathstroke (with his enhanced physicals obviously)?

Excited about "Dawn of Justice" ? Why or Why not?

Excited about CW's Flash?

Do we like the direction Arrow is heading and the doors it seems to have opened for DC or is it off?

I know it's a lot, but I was just curious about people's opinions and hopes/disappointments overall.


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He should be. I mean he is "The Flash"'after all, so WB/DC should make his speed feats/speed powers greater than Superman's...even if it is just a TV show.

As far as them meeting in a Justice League movie is concerned, I don't see it. WB/DC have made no indications that ARROW or The Flash will have any connection to the Man of Steel universe they are building. Maybe they'll connect it later in a few years cause you can't have the Justice League w/o Flash, but I don't think it's likely. They'll probably just introduce a new actor for Flash for the movies.

Very excited about Batman vs Superman. It's a movie thats LONG overdue and it's finally being made! I think they'll take themes from both "The Worlds Finest" animated film and "The Dark Knight Returns" for Supes and Bats first meeting on the big screen. Curious to see how Diana fits in all this, but we'll see.

I really like ARROW. It can get a little CW-ish with it's melodrama and acting at times, and the shirtless ads are a little weird, but overall it's a really good show imo. Deathstroke was just a BAMF on the show and I think Manu Bennet did a great job with the character. Excited to see who they bring in next for a villian and other heroes

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So? They're in completely different universes and I don't care about power levels anyway. I could not care less, just want a good story.

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The helmet looks so ugly. Looks better than BatArrow though. I think it's kind of hard to make him faster since well...It's a TV show and Man of Steel was a multimillion dollar movie. As the show progresses, he will probably increase his speed.

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It's only the pilot, I'm expecting him to be pretty weak to begin with, he'll probably break the sound barrier at the end of the pilot and that'll be a cool moment for him. His powers will likely grow and grow, the Flash we see at the end of series 1 will be vastly different in power levels than the pilot's.

I think the Flash trailer had some pretty good CGI for a TV show, it's not movie quality but it certainly makes a case for incorporating the Arrowverse into the DCCU.

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Superman went into space in less than a minute.

He's above mach 1.

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Flashes are always faster that Supes. Except Jay..... but no one talks about Jay.

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1. Don't know. Don't really care. The number is not what makes it cool.

2. Again, not important. Barry (comics) is my favorite Flash because of his character, not because of how fast he actually runs.

3. THIS Barry? Zero chance.

4. They all ready hinted at vibrating/intangibility in the trailer, iirc. And vortexes.

5. Yes for obvious reason, though the title is otherwise meh (like most cbm films)

6. Yes.

7. Yes

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in theory he should be faster. Yes to everything except that barry isn't gonna be on the JLU movie. And his powers should be the normal powers of a speedster. Intangibility superspeed etc. I hope its enough to hurt clark. Either that or Bring Wally in. Really hope they showed wally.

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Nice thoughts peeps

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Should be like dis!

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He'll get faster the same way Ollie got better in Arrow

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So? They're in completely different universes and I don't care about power levels anyway. I could not care less, just want a good story.

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It probably will as the show goes on.

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Naw man of steel supes was much faster. But flash will get faster as the show goes on

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@jedixman said:

Superman went into space in less than a minute.

He's above mach 1.

The time inbetween the cuts from above Metropolis to low orbit was a minute?

As far as I can see - we're missing the part where Superman recovers from Zod's bullrush and they twirl into a satellite (at not quite mach speeds). Then they even slow down said satellite debree with their kryptonian magic as they slowly slam into a building damaging the second floor.

The only 'good' (as in we can take an educated guess) would be MOS Superman destroying that US drone. Outside that Superman's flight speed is murky at best. The bar is set low for CW Flash to be faster, since MOS Superman largely isn't that fast in his own film the majority of the time.

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@kgb725 said:

He'll get faster the same way Ollie got better in Arrow

Yep this too. The pilot trailer is basically him figuring out his powers the whole time lol. Give it time.