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OK I am writing an independant movie where a guy inherits only one item from his deceased multi-millionaire grandfather, a mint condition copy of Action Comics #1. He thinks comic books are lame and over the course of his road trip meets comic book fans who over time make him think otherwise, the ending of the film involves the main character deciding whether he will honor his grandpa's wish of making sure the comic stays safe or selling it and getting rich

Anyways here is where all of you come in, we are actually doing a Georgia to California road trip and need volunteer actors

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good luck?
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pixelized said:

good luck?

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huh? O_o

um... good luck with it! :D

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actually I already have a 45,000 dollar budget, hate to spoil the ending but the comic is a reprint

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Awesome dude.

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I'd really like some viners in on this, dont worry it wont be until summer 2009

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No joke the first scene of this will be up in october, this movie is insanely low budget though so I hope you all forgive the film quality