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I'm a new reader of comic books (excluding Bionicle), but I know a crap load of stuff about Marvel after browsing Wikipedia articles and many other sources for so long. The Phoenix Force is fragmented as in there are many conflicting depictions of it. Does the Phoenix Force in AvX seem weaker than usual to anyone? I actually prefer it to be at the level that I perceive it to be at which is below Eternity, Death, Infinity, and Oblivion.

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Dont trust wikias.....especially wiki. Sorry but you wasted your time.

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I doubt I wasted my time. And did you miss the question?

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Considering who it's pwned, no, it seems consistently strong

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Consider that Mjölnir had an effect on it and that technology was able to split it up.

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Anyone else see that?

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yes but your gorgeting tech can do anyhting if used right the un is a tech that can arse being from existance. even prerecton beyonder created a machine that could strip him of his omnipotant power. and mjoir is magic but in the nedd phoenix didnt go down really,.well right now true he hasd became insane and is porobly going to do aloto f damge i ownder if white phoenix will apear to stop him.

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It is very much weaker. Remember the PF sundered worlds. To be so easily matched, it's pis.

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It needed a bit of a depowerement IMO

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phoenix is stornger then death and etenrity as the signs were shown. plus the phoenix has destores universes and even lt stated that she is a mutiversal threat o a unverse phoenix. althouh ppl use the noncanon rule.which doesnt make sense in my opinion.the phoenix has been shown to be stornger then galactus. ythe point of what im saying is phoenix may not be wealer then death oblivion enerty and iffinity. as for other stuff i do agree occationaly the phoix is overpowered but the mu wouldnt be the way it is without the poenix.