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So I heard that Catwoman was recently killed. I don't feel like catching up on the series to learn what happened, so I figured I'd ask someone who has been following along to summarize it for me. What happened? How did this all come about?

Also, does anyone else think that this might be DC's way of introducing her pseudo-regenerative abilities into the New 52?

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@end_boss: "So what had happen was"...In the end of Justice League of America #4 she gets shot in the forehead.

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It was actually resurrection man in a catwoman outfit.

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@end_boss: She was infiltarting Secret Society and was captured after harming Prof. Ivo. Then someone (kinda looked like Joker but it wasn't him) shot her so that the JLA would come for her.

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@themanintheshoe: Ah. So at this point we don't know that she's dead. I've seen the panels in question, so I know it seems pretty cut-and-dry, but both superheroes and villains have come back from worse. My bet at this point is that she's "dead" for a couple weeks, then it will be discovered that she miraculously survived the shot and due to super-magical-science-wizardry on the part of the JLA or one of their associates, will make a full recovery.

And Damian will still be dead. And I will hurt this world.

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@end_boss: Exactly, she's part of the Trinity War and we all know it so killing her off was a total waste of our time.

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@end_boss: Considering how they did her origin in the new 52 I really hope they don't go with the 9 lives thing. I still don't know why they brought back that horrible idea.

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@dernman: I don't know, I kind of like the nine lives gimmick. It gives her a neat supernatural edge, a taste of the weird that is so common in Gotham.

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it was a lot like joker ,the guy who shot her. He even stared saying HA!