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I'm excited about the Hawkman:Wanted crossover with Green Arrow, Deathstroke, and Red Hood and the Outlaws. I already read Hawkman and Green Arrow but I did buy Deathstroke #14 and will buy Red Hood and the Outlaws when their crossover issue goes on sale. Now I would like to know how do others feel about crossovers? Do you buy books you don't usually just to get the whole story, or do you think it's just more money for you to spend?
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Depends on how they're made.

Current Bat-crossovers (Night of the Owls, Death of the Family) I like, because I don't have to buy everything to get the story.

Past Bat-crossovers (pretty much everything else before Flashpoint) I hate, because they force me to buy titles I don't usually buy (and I probably never will).

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It depends on the same thing that determines if anything else is good: how they are written.

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As others have said it depends on if they're good or not, like AvX wasn't good so I hate it, Civil War was good, so I love it.

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I hate them os of late.

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Yeah, not reading that Liefeld ridden crossover

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Depends on the content. Some writers can make crossovers interesting and fun to read, while others make it a PIS-filled piece of garbage.

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Mostly I hate them when they are anachronistic like Spider-man Red Sonja and crap like that. Although to be fair I did enjoy the What If story where Wolverine and Conan switch time periods.

I dislike them when they are too busy like the current festering pile of feces Prophecy Two many characters to keep track of.

They are sometimes pretty cool when the character are similar, from the same time period and of the same power levels like the Army of Darkness Danger Girl series.

So for me it is a mixed bag.