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Is anyone else disgustingly, morbidly fascinated by inter-company crossovers? I've been re-reading and adding the DC?Marvel crossovers, and although they're almost all horribly cheesy and painfully polite to all characters involved, I still get kind of geeked out over it.

Looking over the JLA/Avengers one was my favourite, just to watch them actually have some realism to characters, and not have everyone in a love fest right away. Watching Batman tell all the Justice League not to interfere as they wander around the Marvel universe, and then break his own rule to smackdown the Punisher.

I have a real problem with the issues that attempt a shared continuity; the ones with the two universes as separate doesn't set off my internal logic alarm. Trying to tell stories of when Captain America met Batman during World War II, watching how Daredevil went to grade school with Two-Face, or even how the Punisher had a job in Gotham, (after stopping in Riverdale where he tried to kill Archie!) all seem implausible and forced.

I like the new crop, where the two realities are separate, and crossovers are sci-fi events. Am I alone here? Anyone else like the beatdowns between DC and Marvel? Or Marvel and Wildstorm? Or DC and Darkhorse? I actually really liked the Green Lantern vs. Aliens series.

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I dig.