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Ever wonder what it would be like if Spider-Man joined the Justice League? How about what would happen if The Doom War was a war between Latveria & Themyscira? What would it be like if Wolverine and Wonder Woman were a couple? This is a thread where you can have fun rewriting all your favorite comic stories in the context of a What If scenario where characters from different universes exist in the same continuity? Think about how differently major story arcs would play out with a mixed roster on your favorite teams, and how different the personality dynamics of each team would be with the different cast of characters. Be imaginative and have fun!
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Fantastic Four #1: The New Gods descend to Earth from the heavens landing on Earth's cultural hub, New York City. Having come as explorers to Earth, The New Gods are initially met with suspicion, until they save the city from the monster Giganto. The Four are given the status of rock stars, and stay on Earth as The Fantastic Four.
Fantastic Four #18: The Skrull Emperor after the humiliation of his military's defeat at the hands of The Fantastic Four, is now obsessed with revenge. Interested in taking advantage of an opportunity Darkseid sends his Chief Weaponer Doctor Impossible to create an invincible soldier in exchange for much of his planet's resources. The Skrull Emperor agrees to the deal, and The Doctor implants an elite Skrull warrior with the ability to mimic the powers of near by persons. To stop this threat Beautiful Dreamer telepathically calls for help from The Justice League and Black Panther & The Outsiders to aid the Fantastic Four in this epic battle. See everything that this month's super sized issue has to offer in, Amazo: The All Powerful Super-Skrull.
Fantastic Four #25: United States General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, is deeply suspicious of the New Gods' presence on Earth. Having become obsessed with this agenda, The General subjects himself to an experimental attempt to recreate The Hulk's powers. The very first thing the General does with his new powers is pick a fight with NYC's resident war goddess, Big Barda. See the exciting brawl in this month's issue: Red Hulk VS Big Barda. Will the Big Apple survive this clash of titans?
Fantastic Four #32: A group of refugees from Apokalypse arive on Earth seeking exile from the evil Darkseid. One of the refugees claims to be Barda's father, who she believed to have died during her infancy. After the refugees beg our heroes to go to Apokalypse to liberate the rest of their fellow New Gods, they encounter an opponent who can challenge the collective power of The Fantastic Four. Who is this Apokalytian warrior and what is his connection to Barda's father? This months issue: Who is The Infinity Man?
Fantastic Four #36: Darkseid in his desire to be rid of The Fantastic Four once and for all sends his own team of four elite New Gods down from Apokalypse to Earth to fullfill the mission. Will the skill and and ingenuity of the great escape aritist and artisan of New Genesis, Mr. Miracle be a match for the cunning and cruel devices of The Cheif Weaponer of Apokalypse, Doctor Impossible? Will the mighty rouge war goddess of Apocalypse, Big Barda be able to win a one one war with Darkseid's General, Steppenwolf? Will the the magnetic powers of the New God Vykin be a force to recon with against the telekinetic capabilities of the mad goddess Malice? Will the dream goddess Beautiful Dreamer's mental powers be able to defeat that of Darkseid's Chief Interrogator, Psycho-Man in an epic and visually mesmerizing battle in the astral plane? Find out in this month's issue: The Frightful Four.
Fantastic Four Annual #3: Scott Free & Barda are finally tying the knot. In this special wedding album sized issue we have brought in loads of guest characters and great writers Grant Morrison and Alan Moore. In this issue bare witness to: The Wedding of the Gods!!!
Fantastic Four #48: Mister Miracle's mother box detects powerful energy readings related to The Source in the heart of New York City, and our heroes follow the readings to investigate. When they get to the heartof the city they are confronted by a surviving member of a race they thought to be long extinct, The Old Gods!!! The Old God referring to himself as the Silver Racer claims to be the Herald of The Devour of Worlds, Maggedon. Our heroes remember from they were taught New Genesis that Maggedon was the being that ended Genesis and The Old Gods back during Ragnarok. Will the Fantastic Four being able to stop this Old God with a very versatile mastery of The Source before he can summon Mageddon? Find out and see the beginning of The New Ragnarok arc that will have wide reaching consequences in the Crossover Comics Universe in this month's issue: The Coming of Maggedon!!!!
Fantastic Four #50: The Earth and eventually the entire cosmos are more endangered than they have ever been as Maggedon appears for the first time in millions of years to devour our world and eventually all worlds. The Fantastic Four are joined in their battle by Spawn, the JLA and the armies of Wakanda, Atlantis, Latveria, The Green Lantern Corps, New Genesis and even Apokalypse. After the Fantastic Four's battle with the Silver Racer, Beautiful Dreamer sensed their was someone else pulling the strings, and was barely able to break the Racer free of millions of years of Maggedon's control with the help of Mister Miracle's mother box. Now with the Silver Racer joining our heroes struggle to defend the Earth can Maggedon be stopped? Find out as the Crossover Comics Universe wide New Ragnarok arc concludes in this months issue: Saga of The Silver Racer. P.S.- One of the characters will surprise you and another will die!!
Fantastic Four #51: When the Earth was at it's most desperate moment during the threat of Maggedon, Mister Miracle like his namesake came through and defeated the world devouring old god when the armies of Earth and the Heavens could not. While the Earth's people celebrate Scott Free's victory, the man himself questions his decisions. He brought Big Barda back from the dead and saved the cosmos by using the power of The Anti-Life Equation, which he swore he would never use believing it was far too much power for one man to have. Will the great escapist be able to free himself of his inner conflict? This month's issue: This Man is a Monster.