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D'you think it would make sense is DC and Marvel did crossover theat meant the two universes would be forever joined?

Me personally I think it would be great as a limited series but some of the team ups would be great, just as long as they would be handeled better than they had in the past.

What do you all think, or have I stopped making sense?
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Seems the crossovers are always just...okay. There was the Amalgaman (or however you spell it) which was pretty silly. Avengers vs JLA was kinda cool. Long time in the making and George Perez is just a God at drawing the team pages. But they're not in continuity and never have any lasting effects on the comic Universes. And also, I don't think Marvel and DC are getting along too well lately. Think it's an ego thing between the guys in charge.

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Yeah, during the 90s DC and Marvel were pretty much in each others pockets. They shared characters, writers, artists. It was heaven for everyone except the reader, which is why alot of Indy's cropped up at the time. Much as I'd like to see Superman guest star in New Avengers or Batman team up with Deadpool, the comics are better when mummy and daddy are fighting.

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Yeah it puts more pressure on them to put out GOOD stuff. I'm not a fan of the exclusive contracts though. Guess it's good for the creator's pockets but it's a little constrictive. I also don't like how both are trying to do HUGE crazy crossovers and kill off characters left and right just to be SHOCKING. Death doesn't necessarily equal good story telling.

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True, you don't need death for good drama and I could go for a good long while without another crisis/war.