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I want a badass name. Badass like punisher, rorschach, gambit, etc. the guidelines in the project says it can't already be a major comic character, such as those three above. I was thinking about "Retribution" or "Osterman" (yeah i know, dr manhattan) . Any suggestions?

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Doctor Cool

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Need more info on the character if not Wildcard would be a good name it would fit a lot of characters.

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@ms__omega: Well He's going to dress darkly, not bright like spiderman, superman, or ozymandias (comic). More along the lines of The comedian (dark armor), rorschach, or punisher. So I tried to find him a dark name which "retribution" works well. He's going to be a dark character because everyone in my class is choosing a bright character

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The Alert

The Parody



The Catatonic

Idk just random stuff off the top of my head :)

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The Curbstomper

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If you notice, all those names are based around the theme of a hero. So try concentrating on that when designing him/her.

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you told of tone but what of the character what does he do. you seem to want to go against the crowd but what exactly is his motivation. what are his abilities?

You seem to be going for intimidation. I am guessing the name Else may work.

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