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ill start:



Alignment:Good,but murderus

Powers:Biomass shapeshifting(can make claws,blades,armor,tendrils) can consume other for biomass,memories and skills:master martial artist - superhuman atributes:strenght,speed,durability,electrokinesis and TK


Age:Teen (17)

Love interests:X-23,Spider-girl(Anya)

Team Affiliation:none,assists Young avengers and Avengers


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my turn:

name: agent X

gender: male

alignement: unknown

powers: can turn pretty much anything into a weapon, also has good fighting and stealth skills

universe: real...

team: outlaws

archenemy: overmind

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Codename: Valoria

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Powers: Master in all forms of hand to hand combat - including to Martial Arts - Super-Speed and Density Manipulation (which allows for flight), Enhanced Agility and Instant Strength Match (with opponents) and Intense Empathy. Trained by Iron Fist and Former Apprentice to Elektra

Weapons: 2 katanas worn in an x-fashion across back and 2 sais worn along the outside of each thigh, a belt of accessible shuriken wrapped about waist and hips

Universe: Marvel

Age: 23

Love interests: None

Team Affiliation: Fearless Defenders - X-Factor but mostly works independantly

Archenemy: The Hand - Mr. Sinister and various rogues of allies including an on/off relationship with Elektra

(that was kind of fun).


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Codename: The Cannon

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good, although I have no problem killing.

Powers: None.


Age: Teen

Love interests: X-23

Team Affiliation: None. Assists Punisher on occasion.

Archenemy: Kingpin

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Codename: Panther X

Gender: Male

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 225 lbs.

Alignment: Good

Powers/skills: Peak human trained strength, agility, speed, and endurance. Quasi-photographic reflexes. Combat Intuition. Kung Fu. Fencing, Kendo, Iaido. Genius-level intellect. Prolific inventor.

Weapons: Alternating between Longsword/Bastard sword or twin Katanas. Utility belt of various non-lethal gadgets both purchased and fabricated by me.

Costume: Composite/Titanium armor. Titanium helnet with full sensor and communications array.

Universe: Real

Team affiliation: None. Solo vigilante.

Archenemy: The Hater-ade Brigade; The Mad Hater, Hateman and his sidekick Haterboy, and the Night-hater.

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Vitality is me...except with superpowers and a supersuit. See mini bio.

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Son of the original Night Thrasher and Silhouette, Robert Chord wanted to grow up to be a New Warrior. At the age of 18 young Bobby enrolled at Georgia Tech and took a summer internship at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Through his internship Bobby enlisted in the Nova Corps under the tutelage of Richard Rider. Becoming a standout recruit and master tactician, Chord became the first member of the Nova Corps Black Ops team. Naming the team the Night Thrashers, Bobby takes on various tasks for the Corps, including assassinations, and rescues.

The night thrasher armors are powered by a cosmic cube synthesized by Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S from a shard stolem from A.I.M. The armor has various powers and abilities including but not limited to

Cloaking from any type of tracking. Since the armor is powered by a cosmic cube it does not abide by laws of physics, therefore not emitting any energy signatures.

Super Strength and Speed. The armor allows super strength up to 75 tons and speed up to 200 mph.

Flight. The armor allows flight and limited space travel.

Teleportation. Night Thrasher armor teleports via miniturized wormholes.

Energy Absorption. The armor has limited energy absorption abilities, which it reroutes to the cube, which reroutes to the various operating systems of the armor.

Cosmic Katana. The cosmic cube allows the wearer of the Night Thrasher armor to create solid matter Katana which are reinforced with levels of cosmic energy.

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Codename: Wolf

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Heightened senses, balance, agility, coordination, reflexes, strength, and speed. Combat psychometry (sees the best way to use any object as a weapon to maximum effect). Ultra density and durability katana. Various martial arts training.

Weapons: Ultra dense and durable katana. Nicknamed: Fenris

Universe: Marvel

Age: 27

Love interests: None

Team Affiliation: X-Force / X-Factor /Independent Mercenary

Archenemy: Authority figures that take themselves too seriously, ninjas of any flavor, and personal poverty.


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@TheCannon: nice stats the kingpin is the worst enemy to have and his greeatest ally is mcdonald

P.S will see how x-23 chooses :D

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Codename: Dark Vengance

Gender: Male

Alignmen: Good

Powers: Fear Manipulation, Nightmare Embodiment, Enhanced Healing factor, Superhuman reflexes, Precognition, Master Detective, Tactician, knows every type of martial arts known to man, photographic memory,

Age: Teen

Weapons: Escrima sticks.

Universe: Real

Team Afilliation: Young Bastards, Vinersaurs.

Archenemy: The Cannon, Spambots, and Cyclops.

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Codename: Superman Z


Alignment:Good, my heros superman

Powers: flight and time travel(legion ring), 100+ strenght(through my future suit), twice as durable as BoosterGolds suit, and and abilty to make energy constructs but are not that strong.

skills: blackbelt in taekwondo, and a decent archer

Universe: DCnU

Age: 16

Love interests:Mary Marvel

Team Affiliation:Teen Titans on/off, Legion of Superheroes on/off

the story is that for some reason hes important to the time stream and brainiac 5 recruits him to the legion and to the teen titans. And says he has to set the time stream right.

suit: is the smallville season 11 suit but its part robot part organic and theres yellow gogles that hide his identity and and give him: nightvision, thermal vision, ultravoliet vision, and a mini coumputer display.
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@Darksider555: LOL @ both the Kingpin having McDonals has his ally and X-23.

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This is actually quite cool.

Codename: Gold Wolf

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Powers: None. Skilled in martial arts and gymnastics. Agile, durable and intelligent, Gold Wolf always fights with a level head and almost never lets himself get distracted. Uses a 6 foot metal staff.

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Codename: Tap


Alignment:Good... but tempermental!

Powers: like karnak of inhumans. Can see the weakpoint or streespoint in anything or anyone and can use it to hurt, disarm or tear it down. I could take down big bad guys with a well placed "tap", hence the name. I'd also need to come up with some type of diversion techniques, as a result a leader & tactician.


Age:young adult

Love interests: black cat. she hulk.

Team Affiliation: reserve Avenger. Maybe an outskirts type team to be assembled like the old time Defenders. I'd either leader, or hang in shadows until i can strike.

Archenemy: I'm not powered enough to take on a big guy by myself. But as part of a team would like to take on some big time baddies.

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Name: Inconceivable

Age: incomprehensible

Powers: impeccability

Alignment: Aseity

Gender: inapplicable

Abilities: Above all systems of abilities

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Gender: Male

Alignment: Myself

Powers: High level reality warping, molecular level shapeshifting, complete immortality and invincibility.

Universe: Marvel

Residence: Mars

Archenemies: Anyone who expects me to perform superheroics just because I've got the power to wipe out a universe or two.

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I've always wanted to do this...

Code name: Oblivion

Height: 6'

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Powers: enhanced Strength, Energy manipulation, Enhanced Speed, Enhance Reflexes, Danger sense, enhanced durability, Vast knowledge, Martial arts master, Can find anybody's weaknesses, acute/ enhanced senses.

Universe: Real/ Marvel/ DC

Residence: The end of the world.

Alignment: Good

Love interest: Ms. Marvel

Team Affiliations: JLA, Avengers, The new cosmics.

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@TheSwordsman: Your archenemies are hilarious !!!

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@comicace3 said:

I've always wanted to do this...

Code name: Oblivion

Height: 6'

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Powers: Berserk Strength, Energy manipulation, Super Speed, Superhuman Reflexes, Danger sense, complete invulnerability, molecular level shapeshifting, Superhuman durability, Vast knowledge, Martial arts master, Can find anybody's weaknesses, Unlimited cosmic power.

Universe: Real/ Marvel/ DC

Residence: The end of the world.

Alignment: Good

Love interest: Ms. Marvel

Team Affiliations: JLA, Avengers, The new cosmics.

No offence,but your characther is a bit overpowered.I mean who are you preparing to fight?Galactus?The Anti-Monitor?The Annihilators?or Chuck Norris in which case is justified.

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@comicace3 said:

@TheSwordsman: Your archenemies are hilarious !!!

Many thanks :D.

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Code Name: Sonic(Cliche, i know)




Powers: Ability to control Sound, Super Speed, Electrokinesis, Flight via electromagnetic repulsion. durability.

Universe: Marvel

Residence: U.S, Des Moines, Iowa

Alignment: Good

Love Interest: Squirrel Girl

Team Affiliations: Avengers (hopefully)

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Josh (no code name)



Super human Strength, Speed, Agility. Flight, Invulnerability and energy projection

Alignment Neutral

Universe- Real

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Codename: The Stegman 
Height- 5'11'' 
Age- 21 
Powers- Time Manipulation, able to slow down time to a crawl, or completely stop it, can speed time up, to see potential outcomes of different situations, and reverse it back to the ''present'' to avoid such outcomes. Can Localize the time manipulation to a certain area, slowing time down around the area to preserve any item living or otherwise in the area, conversely, can speed up time in the area causing rapid decay. 
Alignment- Good 
Universe- DC  
Love Interest- What's love got to do with it? what's love, but a second hand emotion? 
Affiliation- Me, Myself, and I....and Batman. 
Enemies: The Jersey Shore cast, for they must be stopped before time runs out.

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@The Stegman: Nice powers I may add.However you forgot that when you manipulate time and run,you apper at super speed,faster that speedsters.

P.S ill help you wipe out Jersey Shore.I really,REALLY hate them !!!!!!!!! ahhhhh! :D

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Codename: Martian ManSlaughterer

Height: 6"5


Powers: Those of the Martian Manhunter but to a lesser degree

Alignment: Anti-Hero

Universe: DC

Love Interest: Miss Martian

Affiliation: Mercenary's Guild

Enemies: Superboy and Red Robin

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Name: Trojan

Age: 18

height: 1,70 meters

weight: 50 kilos

athletic build

Powers: Super speed and reflexes, healing factor, indestructible skeleton and joints(bones are hollow), super senses, extra senses, enhanced strenght(somewhat below Spidey), wall crawling, super leap/jump, magical immunity, can breathe underwater and absorb humidity or oxygen through his skin to breathe/hydrate, super flexible, super agile, enhanced durability (3 times peak human),

Weaknesses: powers are reduced by half when he needs to pee badly; powers are reduced by ten when he goes longer than a week without food, powers are reduced by hundred if he goes several days without sleep; powers are reduced by thousand if he goes 30 hours without hydratation; - cannot teleport or be intangible due to his skeleton/joints

Alignment: good, very rarely kills

Universe: Real

Affiliation: when travelling to DC - JLA,Teen Titans, when travelling to Marvel: Avengers, X-men

Archenemy: reallly really bad evil people; in DC-Guy Gardner; in Marvel - Namor

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Based on me huh?

Codename: Fissura

Height: 6"2

Age: 20

Powers: Angelic/Demonic schizophrenia can shift between 2 personalities/entities either Angelic or Demonic the power-set depends on the personality in control. The third normal personality that is balanced between the two is just a normal human and powerless. Also the ability to make distasteful, insulting and yet disturbingly hilarious jokes at any moment

Alignment: Depends on the personality in control

Universe: Wherever I want!

Affiliation: Heaven/Hell/Limbo

Allies: Depends on the personality in control

Enemies: Depends on the personality in control

Love Interest: Whoever will put up with a schizophrenic being.......Scarlet Witch might be able to sympathize?

Appearance: Angelic/Demonic

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@Strider92: What you described better conforms to Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Schizophrenia is characterized by disorganized cognition and speech, bizarre delusions and hallucinations and, typically, paranoia.

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@lykopis said:

Codename: Valoria

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Powers: Master in all forms of hand to hand combat - including to Martial Arts - Super-Speed and Density Manipulation (which allows for flight), Enhanced Agility and Instant Strength Match (with opponents) and Intense Empathy. Trained by Iron Fist and Former Apprentice to Elektra

Weapons: 2 katanas worn in an x-fashion across back and 2 sais worn along the outside of each thigh, a belt of accessible shuriken wrapped about waist and hips

Universe: Marvel

Age: 23

Love interests: None

Team Affiliation: Fearless Defenders - X-Factor but mostly works independantly

Archenemy: The Hand - Mr. Sinister and various rogues of allies including an on/off relationship with Elektra

(that was kind of fun).


Its a little hard to be a master of all Martial Arts and onlt 23. Bruce Lee it takes a lifetime to truly master one.

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Codename: Superb

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good, but not lawful per se (lex iniusta non est lex)

Powers: Seven Superb Senses

  1. Superb Optics: I can see the entire electromagnetic spectrum (and can adjust each eye to focus in on a different range of wavelengths) with my physical eyes, and visualize a particle as small as Plank length from distances of up to 46 billion light-years using my Quantum Observation.
  2. Superb Hearing: I can hear sound of any frequency and visualize the noise to perform echolocation.
  3. Superb Electroreception: I can sense electrical fields at a distance of about a football field
  4. Superb Magnetoreception: I can sense magnetic fields at a distance of about a city block.
  5. Superb Kinesthetic Proprioception: I can perfectly sense my own internal bodily functions, allowing me to override and control certain involuntary functions (such as the release of adrenaline, building muscle instead of fat, hair growth, telomere length, etc.) allowing me to effortlessly maintain a fit and youthful physique.
  6. Superb Extra Sensory Perception: Like my Quantum Observation in relation to my sight, I possess perceptions analogous to my other physical senses which cannot be explained by mere physiology.
  7. Superb Memory: Not a classical sensory perception per se, but I do possess a flawless eidetic memory.

Universe: Marvel

Age: 27 as of January 16, 2013 (It’s my birthday today!)

Love interests: The Stepford Cuckoos (yes, all three!)

Team Affiliation: Publically- The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning (Professor of Philosophy); Secretly- The New Avengers (aka Illuminati)

The cover to issues #1 of The Archetypal Superb, Mankind and Mutants' Most Quixotic Hero!
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@Ben836 said:

@lykopis said:

Codename: Valoria

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Powers: Master in all forms of hand to hand combat - including to Martial Arts - Super-Speed and Density Manipulation (which allows for flight), Enhanced Agility and Instant Strength Match (with opponents) and Intense Empathy. Trained by Iron Fist and Former Apprentice to Elektra

Weapons: 2 katanas worn in an x-fashion across back and 2 sais worn along the outside of each thigh, a belt of accessible shuriken wrapped about waist and hips

Universe: Marvel

Age: 23

Love interests: None

Team Affiliation: Fearless Defenders - X-Factor but mostly works independantly

Archenemy: The Hand - Mr. Sinister and various rogues of allies including an on/off relationship with Elektra

(that was kind of fun).


Its a little hard to be a master of all Martial Arts and onlt 23. Bruce Lee it takes a lifetime to truly master one.

Picture her as a child with Iron Fist, and then switch over to Elektra. It's comics. She is my Mary Sue. ;p

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Name: Alex Ortega.

Height: 5'10.

Weight: 198.

Age: 19

Alias: Paragon Avenger

He is in possession of an extraterrestrial armor capable of flight up to light-speed (and beyond when necessary) and is durable enough on it's own that it can handle traveling directly through stars. The suit's primary source of power is solar, but can harness energy from other sources (e.g. electric, thermal, and nuclear) as well. The armor also allows him greater peripheral range (he can see within all directions and span that a normal human makes through adjustments with their heads and eyes without even moving his own head), telescopic vision down to cellular levels and up to planetary levels (from earth he can see up to 100,000,000 miles in space), heat vision, x-ray vision, night vision (as in he can see as clear as day at night) and he can see all wavelengths of light.

*In regards to energy absorption and traveling through stars, the Paragon armor (the wielder is known as the "Avenger") can only hold so much energy inside itself, so for any excess energy it keeps around itself while it uses up what it has in store.

His weaponry systems are energy based and, by choice, range from non-lethal to lethal. He can produce bolts (typically the weakest of his constructs), beams (can be devastating enough to push through planets, given enough energy and without moral constraint), shields (with enough energy can cover stars), and links used to grab hold of things. The up-most range of his energy constructs reach the end of our solar system.

A picture of his design; needs to be updated.

Though characteristically done through the arms via adaptable armor constructions, the Paragon Avenger can also project blasts through each of his four eyes and feet.

The sentient program behind the armor can also connect to earth computers with ease and is capable of maintaining both computer and radio contact past our solar system (so long as a compatible device is on the planet).

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@Ben836: Bruce lee never mastered wing chun or any martial art, he created jeet kune do. He never actually mastered any MA that was already in place. He was just bloody good at the ones he did do.

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Interesting thread.

Codename: Danger

Gender: Male

Alignment: Anti-hero (:P)

Powers: Able to emit an aura covering a certain distance around himself whereby enemies are unable to calculate the depth/accuracy of their attacks. For example, Enemy A attempts to SLASH Danger across the chest but misses by inches in front of the target. I'm still thinking of a name for this ability though...

Universe: DC

Age: Young adult (21)

Love interests: -

Team Affiliation: -

Archenemy: Lex Luthor (:P), Count Vertigo, Icicle, Spongebob Squarepants...

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Codename: Raptor

Height: 5"10

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good but murders

Power: Superhuman durability, Healing factor (not the wolverine healing factor), Peak human strength, reflex, Superhuman sight, Martial art master, Expert marksmanship, Demolition expert, Tactical skill, Weapon proficiency

Universe: Marvel

Age: Young adult (22)

Love interest: Black cat

Team Affiliation: Avengers

Archenemy: Norman Osborn, HYDRA

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I think you all might enjoy this: http://marvel.com/games/play/31/create_your_own_superhero

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Codename: The Scarlet Rose

Gender: Female

Alignment: Neutral. Lives by her own rules of justice/vengeance

Powers: Possession and the ability to slow down time. Skilled sword fighter.

Universe: DC

Age: Young Adult(Unknown)

Love interests: N/A

Team Affiliation: Justice League Dark

Archenemy: Anyone who stands in the way of her goals.

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Name Jordan Clemsen

i don't believe in alignments

love intrest that's a story for another time


age: 21

Archenemy: Ansel (Pride)

Power: light absorption, Blue laser vision and light metabolism like healing and energy.

universe: 14 universe (my own)

Super hero Name: Blueradiant

Lore: Born to wealthy mom who founded Predict14 a mutant research facility for mutants and humans alike. Jordan was born with a de novo mutation Which gave him the gene to harness the power of light. Jordan wore blue glasses to enhance his mutation. jordan met a child hood friend named Ansel. Ansel wanted to find himself in a spiritual sense Jordan wanted to join him. The two boys would eventually come to a conflict where Ansel awakened his own mutation homo magi, Ansel realized his purpose did not matter his pride mattered Jordan tried to save Ansel but in the end Ansel realized Jordan weakened his power by careing for Jordan Realizing as long as he was human he would always care for jordan so he Shot himself. Jordan crushed by his friends departure fell into a deep depression until he meant Thomas the teens would hang out with a emo group in high school until Sean a teen in their group offered Thomas and Jordan Death A drug that took all of the energy in your body to make u high for what seemed like a millennium Thomas said he did not care and took it Jordan flabbergasted yelled whats wrong with you Sean. Sean said I give people hope DMT Jordan shot a laser through his stomach Sean got up and healed he was a mutant i have antibodies I cant get hope, but u give me hope being around you that's Why I offered you dmt you deserve hope. Jordan replied that's not hope sean that's madness! The fight ended with seans head escaping. Jordan alone again realized he was never alone he had hope its what everybody saw in him but himself. he realized he was not a freak he was an inspiration. becoming the Blueradiant. By using his moms research to fund optical lens research and making a base called the oracle of hope. with the beat testing phase Jordan started with saveing cats to fighting crime starting with his nemesis sean who called himself the Anti-Banger later his Roommate, Sam would learn of his secret and and make his own robo suit like iorn man but much bigger like the hulk. to join him. Sam also brought his own rouge gallery like the crimson tide a mutant with the power to control his blood. Once Jordan was in college Ansel came to Jordan and Announced that he was the Arch demon of hell Jordan realized the Friend he once knew was gone only pride remain with the other arch demon sloth (Thomas). Jordan had to cast them back to hell by finding god and asking it to save everyone God explained he could not intervene Jordan said thats ok I understand but I will not give up hope. god the told him you got this bro jordan fist bumped god and grew angel wings holy crud I can fly? Im granting you arch angel powers until hell is close d you can stand agenst them now after all you are homo magi too ;). Jordan fought ansel and stopped Armageddon loseing his magic powers until hell sets free again. A mutant

upriseing was coming and Jordan needed to keep the peace Jordan called Sam and a temporary alliance with sean. to help fight and make the Peacekeepers a program to recruit mutants to keep peace. Jordan fought mutants like Whitenight, a albino darkness manipulator and a Paranoia a fearful yet intimidating, empath of fear. SamJordan wanted to stop the took a bullet for Jordan ending with sam downloading his mind into a AI the man who shot sam was none other then Crimson tide himself with a blood bullet, sean had told Jordan he was not that perceptive and continued saying Sam was indeed a mutant if jordan wanted to stop the war all he had to do was show that mutants where killing mutants. Jordan amazed at the fact that Sean was now becoming his friend who instead of takeing away Thomas saved him from despair in a twisted way Sean protected Jordan. Using a blood analysis from S.A.M. Jordan found out that Sean was right Sam was a mutant! Jordan posted the blood on youtube under seans name the warceased after five days sean went from being a villain to an anti-villain.

finding an frozen alien pyramid on earth Predict14 announced the existence of alien beings on earth in Egyptian times A man named Liam Namaski touched a hieroglyph on the pyramid lighting up he telepathically saw the aliens coming to earth he found the two people he could trust with this scarce info the angel of hope Jordan and the Mutant of antibodies Sean, forced to stop fighting crime to save the world again Jordan and Sean. understood and begain using jordans optial scope to watch for the invasion. To jordans surprise the invation happened on charismas a centipede came out fo the ship and tealapthicy scream the farm is ready to feast the centipede started eating people more and more teleported in S.A.M had an idea like the man of steel movie if the could get the data on the dimension the could open two and the signals would collide and create a singularity Jordan made temporary alliances with the mutants and fought the aliens After a world torn by 2 years of war S.A.M found the data was stored in liams conscious. when the aliens connected with liams mind they shared sub-conscious giving the code to the teleportation drive by hooking up liams brain to the S.A.M. the teleportation device was achived but liam was dead in the process wut happed !!! Jordan cried. S.A.M. punched in the signilarity and the aliens droped dead there minds where sucked into another dimension.

Jordan lost with out his friend looked for him in a dimensional space boom tube when he found S.A.M. he was terrified. all of the minds and people eaten where fused into one captiousness. I am no longer this S.A.M. you speak of, I am the an end of human kind I am the End of all that we know it you can call me, Fate. The other jordans from parelel universes came to fight there was robo jordan, vampire Jordan, Angel jordan, and more the battle went on for what seems like forever but in the end The last jordan won by looping fate with in choice which he found in himself with out his choice he became one with fate the symbiosis of the tw o rest the unversie like in dc comics an alternate dimension was born,

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Code name: Major Sex...

power? The ability is to make the ladies weak in the knees.

#41 Edited by Superguy1591 (2776 posts) - - Show Bio

Sorry guys, I just checked, I already have that power.

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Codename: Shift

Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral (I'd hate some villians and some heroes)

Powers: Gravity Manipulation,Density Shifting, By Passing Invulnerablity, Astral Projection

Universe: DC/Marvel (Would travel between both)

Age: Young adult (21)

Love interests: Jean Grey, Raven, Black Canary

Team Affiliation: N/A

Archenemy: Superman, Zoom, Captain America, Venom.

Costume: I don't wear one.

Goal: N/A Questionable.

I will annihilate superman.

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@darksider555 said:



Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Flight, invulnerability, super speed, super reflexes, super strength, teleportation, able to morph body parts and my self into anything and anything, extendable limbs ,ridiculous regeneration, telekinesis, Ki/Energy manipulation (Think Dragon ball or even a cero from bleach) control over all elements, intangibility, mind control/put thoughts into other peoples minds and mess with them (Think Genjutsu) Doesn't need oxygen to breathe so can stay in space and underwater for as long as needed.

Universe: The real one :)

Age:Teen (21)

Love interests: None at the moment

Team Affiliation: None

Archenemy: None at the moment, but anybody that hurts or does something that can be considered bad to innocent people or animals will catch this fade though.

Costume : No real costume, pretty much whatever I wear that day

Goal: Mainly to keep his loved ones and those he cares about safe at all times no matter what. Also will protect any and all innocent people and animals and punish those who harm other, will kill if he feels that's the necessary punishment.

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Bludd McDeathslaughter

Gender: Male, cause women are weak

Alignment: Whatever I feel like

Powers: Super Strong, Super healing, fire control and guns

Universe: I follow no rules, I go where I want

Age: old enough to drink, but that doesn't matter, I was drinking in the womb

Love interest: Any girl with a pulse and even some without

Archenemy: Everyone

Costume: Leather, spikes, with chains

Goal: To do whatever I want

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Codename: Happy Hour


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Powers: Matter Manipulation, specfically turning any known substance into an alchoholic beverage, or turning plants into weed. Time Manipulation to make every hour Happy Hour. Currency generation to afford anything.


Age: 23

Love interests:X-23, Carol Danvers, Black Widow

Team Affiliation: Anyone who will take me, probably New Warriors or Young Avengers

Archenemy: Tony Stark, Al-Anon, Religious Groups.

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Name: Raiden Rovers (Rover) born in ultimate marvel earth 616


Age 16

Powers Teleportation,Telekinesis,Telepathy and power to change his bodys structure making himself any weapon or adaptation.

Abilities: can teleport to dc universe, talk to machines , telekinesis on a molecular level, highest telepathy level

Limitations: can host phoenix force for only 24 hours then has to wait 24 more to host again, cant talk to machines far away, can only change form and adapt for 24 hours, cant use telepathy when tired.

Sexuality: Gay

Love interest: james howlett (Wolverine) Peter rasputin (Colossus) Best Friend:Peter (Colossus)

Family:Jean Greys grandson from the future. Son of Nathan summers.

Origin: used a time travel device to get to earth 616 when jean grey and scott werent even married yet. the time travel device broke when he got there but forge tried to fix it, eventually a sinister character named father clock whos obsessed with time stole the time travel device ultimately granting him power to travel though time after someone fixed the device and fused it with father clock.

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Gender: Male

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Telekinesis and Invulnerability

Universe: Real world

Age: 23

Arch enemy: Self

Costume: No cosume, Jeans, boots, plain T shirt, and leather jacket

Goal: Find a goal.

Personality: A former soldier and brilliant tactician who struggles with depression and a temper. Doesn't believe the world can be saved, and yet saves anyone in need of saving. Saves other people, only to make up for not being able to save the woman he loved.