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Post an idea for a super hero/villain/whatever. You may comment and critique.

Include gender (if the character has one), age and his/her/its alignment (good, evil, ect.). Describe appearance as clearly as possible. Describe what makes him/her/it so super; as in powers, weapons, gadgets, mutations, skills, or whatever. If possible, elaborate on how the stuff works. Give a description of his/her/its personality and what their motivation is. Be sure to describe any key characteristics. Dont worry if your idea isn't fully thought out, post what you have and edit it later if you want to.

Here's an example of the format that I would like to see it in. For this example I will just use a placeholder named Firepuncher. You may change the format If you dont want to use this one, as long as you make it clear enough to get the idea across in a comprehendable manner.

Name: Winn Real Name: Claire Guthrie Gender: Female Age: 24

Alignment: Job seeker that was transported to an alien planet while applying for a job, got her powers after a brush with death there. Works as a pilot for Mech robots.

Appearance: Caucasian with blonde shoulder length hair. Wears a sky blue longsleeve top and breeches of same color. Has white boots and cape, with a bird symbol on chest. She has to wear costume for powers to work.

Powers, weapons, ect.: Can fly, has strength, durabilty, and the ability to adhere to anything with her skin, so she could pick up a car easier than even supes. Each one of the powers-including durability, burns out after a minute of use. They recharge when not in use automatically. Personality: Winn is very observant, calm under pressure, and generally no nonense with any work she does. Her motive is to go home, but also to stop an alien race from making a workable time machine. Not all the aliens are bad, but as it happens, the ones that are arent obvious about it; which makes her an outlaw for for opposing them. Yet she still has alien friends as well.

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Yeah I did use someone elses post to write some of this, (ignore firepuncher) but the character is mine. What do you guys think?

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Superhero name: Captain Incredible

Real name: Michael O'Neill

Gender: Male

Age: 28 (as Michael O'Neill); Immortal (as Captain Incredible)

Occupation: Physician, adventurer

Race: Caucasian

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Blue

Alignment: Good. He's an important ally to almost superhero teams from Marvel and DC like Justice League, Avengers, X Men, Teen Titans, Defenders, and more

Biography: Click at my profile , then click read more about me.

Powers and abilities: See here: Create a super hero!


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Achilles. The myth is different than my version. He is the son of mortals Peleus and Thetis in the original myth.

My version, is a bit different. Thetis, considered a demi-goddess during her time because of her ability to foretell the future (and some telekinetic power, a mutant before anyone knew what "mutants were in ancient Greece) becomes pregnant by whom she believes is her husband, Peleus. Not long after she begins having terrible nightmares about her unborn child. The visions are of war and suffering...but one gleaming, determined...and angry...individual in full battle armor terrifies his enemies. She feels comforted when the visions center around this unknown character. It becomes apparent to her after months of suffering these infrequent visions that the gleaming individual is her son.

Months go by and she gives birth to her son.

She is visited only weeks later by a "young boy" who tells her not only what her dreams are, but what she must do to protect her son. She follows the young boy to a dark cavern that at first seems foreboding. The young boy encourages her, taking her by the hand, "For your son...", he says.

She follows the boy into the dark and gradually it becomes lighter and lighter and the cavern gives way to an enormous underground community of strange creatures. She follows the boy to a glimmering river. He then explains what must be done. "Submerge the child into the river." She recoils in horror. The young boy approaches, gently and carefully places his hand on her forehead. She sees the "gleaming one" again, on a white horse in the midst of a terrible war. Yet, the war has ended and the gleaming warrior stands surrounded by his own soldier, encircling and cheering. Victory is theirs!

At first reluctantly, she gives the child to the young boy. Instantly, he is struck from behind by searing, blinding light. Stunned, Thetis watches as the "young boy" lying before her is an enormous man with horns protruding from his forehead, and now, apparently burned to a crisp by the bolt of energy, lying on the ground before her. Desperately, she reaches to grab the child before he falls in, doing so by his ankle, while the rest of him is completely submerged. She manages to bring him out of the water, the child crying. She turns to face the origin of the bolt of energy, comforting her child only to be awe stricken by another enormous "man", partially armored, with hooded cloak and white hair and beard, eyes ablaze.

However, the closer he gets to her, strangely, the more comforted she becomes.

Staring sternly at the woman, he says to her, "Give my son to me."

The plot further involves a war between Zeus and Hades that has been waging for eons now. The child is a mixture of a human mutant, a god and is further augmented by the mystical properties of the river Styx.

Achilles set of powers (deriving from his true father, Zeus and his mother, Thetis a mutant who can foretell the future and has telekinetic powers) - complete invulnerability (he does have a weakness, but it's not physical, but psychological); enormous superhuman strength and speed. Enhanced hearing, vision, and senses. Expert warrior in hand to hand combat and the use of all weapons, particularly the sword and the bow.

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@lorbo: My hero's story won't change but he has no weakness