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Well, like the title suggests, make up your own alien race detailing capabilities, tech advancement, culture, planet size and location, etc. (I'm on the mobile so I'll do this when I get home from work)

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I'd be the only guy on the planet

All the women are 10's

nothing else is needed.

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Humanoid forms.

A 2-foot black, cat-like tail.

Blue skin, with a tint of purple.

Long, raven black hair.

Horns protruding from the top sides of the head.

Elongated ears, not unlike an elf's.

They have both sets of genitals, as to make the success rate of their population higher.(Yah, sure, lets go with that.)

Their physiology doesn't allow them to put on 'extra pounds'.


Above human intelligence.

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The Froflinogs

they look vaguely humanoid, maybe like Bugs Bunnies running around.

no capabilities, minor tech advancements a peaceful existence globe wide, culture, is that like whatever you find endereing or sympathetic centered around peace, and love

Theres is a planet made of pure kryptonite, slightly smaller than earth, located far from another civilised planet, and its about to explode, and Superman is near enough to hear their screams of agony and terror (yes he can hear in space in this scenario, just like silver aged superman, but he has the deadly effects of Kryptonite on, not just the nausea)

Enter comic... GO SUPERMAN...ermm.....FEEEL THE PATHOS

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A ravaged world that was once a great and peaceful society. The whole planet was one country. It was burned down by a civil war that raged for centuries. The war came to an end when an archeologist found an old set of bio-organic armor. The archeologist brought the armor to a military scientist who added a bunch of modern weapons on it and then shot the archeologist and flew away. 20 years later the archeologist shows up wanting revenge. The scientist has a family. Archeologist kills the scientist, but the scientists son gets thrown into the Armor and saves the day. The people on this planet look just like humans except there skin is purplyred and there nails are black.

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