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Give a body of which you get the speed strength durability stamina energy projection etc


What he/she thinks, personality, attributes of mind, intelligence, strategic intelligence, battle experience.. Etc


All characters must and should have a weakness, someone who is unbeatable isn't interesting. How and what are their weaknesses? What happens to them when they're around this weakness? So on and so forth.


Someone always uses something to boost their power. Can be used for anything except multiversal or make them a universal threat.


What does your character look like?


If your character can or has an evil side or can be boosted (like superman from the sun) or loses all stability as that person and becomes something else (void, fernus, parallax)


**Infinity Gauntlet is not allowed. You can use the gems but nothing that can guarantee an automatic invincibility or invulnerability to anything.

Let's hear it

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Name- Gravedigger

Body- Juggernaut

Mind- Bane. Military expertise, super intelligence, demolition and weapons specialist.

Weakness-Paranoia. Has no allies, mind can be taken advantage of easily, etc.

Weapon- Dual hatchets and brass knuckles.

Special-Anger-based resistance to pain. Damage can still be dealt, just not felt. Nightcrawleresque teleportation. Also, the longer he fights, the stronger he becomes.

Costume- Similar to Spawn. Colors are Primary black, alternate bright blue.

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Generic Man. His superpower is that he is superhumanly generic.

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Penis man. Only strong when he's horny. Is a penis with arms and legs

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Body - Starlord

Mind - Amalgam between Batman, Iron Man and Deathstroke. Intelligent, resourceful, well trained, determined, pretty much a diet coke version of Captain Americas moral code, tactical mindset, lots of training, building experience.

Weakness - Very well rounded. Only has the weaknesses of any normal human.

Object/weaponry/paraphernalia - Battle Suit and helmet. When out of battle suit, twin gauss revolvers, future tech.

Logo/Costume/Colors - Black and red battle suit. Same coloured light kevlar armor. Wears a suit when working.

Appearance - About 6'0, short, clean cut, blonde hair, good physical shape, athletic build.

Specials - None as the OP described.

This is actually a character I've been working on.

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Silver Surfer


He is like Deadpool with Batman


He is weak to trolling

Someone always uses something to boost their power.

He has a spoon


He wears a green hat, he does not have a logo and he is color blue.

What does your character look like?

He looks like a Stickman


He transforms into a laser Lincoln with gatling machine guns. He can be reverted with racism.

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Name: Magnum Opus

Body Type: 5'5 & 110 Pounds. Pale skin, but very agile.

Mind: Booster Gold & Ted Kord. He's childish and immature at times but he's also intelligent.

Weakness: He's a normal human, bullets hurt him, sharp objects hurt him, blunt objects hurt him. He's nothing special in terms of durability.

Power Object: Not really an object, just a mutation from a meteor. He's gained biological manipulation, essentially he's like Elixer. He can create diseases in foes & heal himself and his friends.

Logo/Costume: He's a science guy, so he'd have some sort of skin tight body suit that helps him survive in various conditions such as extreme heat/cold, underwater, and in space.

Specials: He can essentially heal any injury, the problem is that for him to heal someone else he must feel the pain that they're currently in. If someone has their leg cut off and he tries to help them re-grow it with his powers he too will feel like his leg was torn from his body.

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Name: Infinity (but I think I can come up with another)

Body Type: 6'3" Former MMA fighter, very muscular and athletic. Short blonde hair and a scruffy beard

Mind: Immature, unsure of himself, very low self esteem. Unaware of the power he possesses. Former MMA fighter with lots of hand to hand combat experience. Moderate intelligence.

Weakness: Can be suffocated, asphyxiated, vulnerable to noxious fumes and poisons. His relatively fragile mental state can be easily manipulated.

Power object: Infinity possesses no objects to augment his power. He is always in "power mode". He was struck by the life force lightning bolt of Zeus as he was murdered by his father Kronos.

Costume: Large, long black cape pinned by a medallion at the left shoulder. Gold body suit with some armor plating such as shoulder pads and gauntlets. A black lightning bolt runs down from the medallion through his chest.

Specials: Master of all lightning. Manipulate, produce, etc. Super strength, extraordinarily durable skin, flight.

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Name- Demonoid

Body- Cyborg

Mind- Wolverine. THe best he is at what he does, and what he does isn't pretty

Weakness- Magic. Most average weapons like firearms and bladed weapons can't really hurt him, but magic is his biggest weakness.

Weapon- His body. An advanced cyborg created by a demon. Always evolving and adapting.

Special- Can teleport into Hell due to the nature of his design.

Costume- Similar to Cyborg. His skin is red, and has slightly demonic features.

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The EndGamer

Body - 6' 235 lbs, muscular but not overly so. Scruff and tough, no baby face here.

Mind - smart enough to build strategy around nearly anyone. But not always smart enough to keep his ego in check. 160iq

Weaknesses - does not defend mind controlling opponents or substances very well. Isn't always a team player and can get in over his head without anyone to rely on. While he can take a lot of punishment, he is not invincible and a lack of self control or poor ego management can land him in trouble. While he can use incredible telekinetic force to change/manipulate/destroy the world around him he needs the earths atmosphere to survive.

Power object - The EndGamer's abilities come from his advanced cellular composition that allows him to emit telekinetic energy in order to combat the known laws of physics; I.e. force fields, energy blasts, gravity manipulation. His bones are a naturally developed, organic graphene. His organs are significantly more vulnerable which is why he wears a battle suit to protect the rest of his body against a strike that he could not see coming.

Costume - high impact battle suit. Maroon/and anthracite in design. Slim fitting not unlike something grey fox from metal gear solid wears.

Special - one of The EndGamer's most unique abilities would be his ability to transfer life force between direct and indirect physical contact. Meaning he can heal himself and allies but he must take life force from another living organism. This now becomes his burden of choosing who lives and who dies around him.

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You guys are awesome

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name: Ciphin

body: gambit not human but demon strength is 3 times that of human and can poses others(though his body will be idle), his body is regenerative (cannot regenerate if his heart is burned also his soul is transferable)

mind: muscle memory and has the mind of slade but slightly insane an a lot more kind but never keeps his word has some magic knowledge almost as much as Dr. doom

weakness: too absorbed with the goal at hand to prioritize unless he deems it enough thought which means he isnt forgetful he just ignores things, he also sacrificed sight to increase his other senses and gain a sixth sense(and spider sense) all of which strain his brain to compensate making him susceptible to headaches as well as psychics

object of power: Doppler suit (created by his self powered by energy forces) which allows him to pose as others as well as imitate almost any power save time space power and is short timed depending on how much energy his suit holds and how much power it must create he also has a very long knife made for stealing soul energy and increase his own power.

costume: his clothing is shadow black

special: besides soul siphoning energy, energy blasting, magical and demonic abilities, fighting skills and agility, his ability to assimilate abilities and muscle memory....does he need one...well

if he opens his eyes he loses all other senses but he can see in every direction(byakugan), brain thinks 200% faster and his strength and speed double, but he becomes crazier than carnage and burns energy twice as fast causing him to search for energy sources (probably sidekicks of hero's like robin or bucky who can't beat or evade this power)

don't plagiarize

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body: 6 foot , extremley skinny ,less durable than an average human , but in altered state is basically god-like because of abilities

mind: slightly retarded , considered mentally challenged

weakness: pussy

object of power: after finding a rare chemical he combines it with heroin in his syringe and when injected has control over time and matter

special: matter manipulation and time manipulation on omnipotent levels

costume: nudist

hes way overpowered but because of him being a junkie and retarded i guess it balances out no?

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This is actually a character of mine so don't steal

Name - Blind Mask

Body - Pretty skinny. Strong enough to give a beating. Short black hair.

Personality - Protective of his loved ones. Fairly intelligent. Master strategist and leader.

Weakness - No physical weakness except he has a blind right eye. Vulnerable to taunting.

Weapons - One small black handgun, and a large stock of marbles that emits a smoke that instantly blinds his victims.

Costume - A black vest, under the vest a black shirt, black trousers, black leather shoes.

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Name: Sparky

Gender: Female

Body: On the level of street-levelers like Nightwing. Athletic female build, peak-level conditioning and stamina. Even though she's a female, she can throw down with the boys in hand-to-hand combat. Has the endurance of Spider-Man, capable of taking excessive amounts of physical punishment only to get up each time and brush it off.

Mind: Not necessarily a genius, but certainly not an idiot either. Her intelligence is shown on the battlefield, rather than in science; highly skilled strategist.

Weakness: Extremely overconfident to the point that she overestimates her own abilities and those of her teammates; often leading them into dangerous situations. Although her body can produce electricity, it can only produce so much. If she uses too much of her body's electricity, she'll "short-circuit" or go into a period of fatigue in which she becomes physically weak and cannot use her powers; she could even fall into a coma in extreme cases. Once she short-circuits, she must find an external power source.

Object/weaponry/paraphernalia: Electric bolts emitted from her hands, the Electromagnetic spectrum. Gained her powers after being exposed to Element Red, a rare radioactive substance found on the moon, during a nuclear explosion

Logo/Costume/Colors: Orange, skin-tight spandex costume with a yellow bolt on its torso.

Personality: Natural-born leader who is able to bring out the best in her teammates. Down-to-earth, kindhearted, beautiful, generally a free-spirit who avoids getting tied down in relationships and loves to enjoy herself. She sees being a hero as the ultimate service to humanity. She has no secret identity, and loves the fame being a superhero provides; she is adored by the people of the world. Has the determination of Batman, you'll literally have to kill her if you want to defeat her.

Specials/Powers/Evil Side: Electricity manipulation- she is capable of conducting, storing, absorbing, and discharging electricity; she is also capable of generating forcefields capable of withstanding everything from gunfire to nuclear explosions. After her powers were augmented in an experiment, gains the ability to control the Electromagnetic spectrum as well. She can also fly by becoming one with the Electromagnetic spectrum.

  • Evil side- After being exposed to mystical energies she becomes the Dark Queen, a manifestation of certain negative thoughts her mind, and sets out to conquer the world. Although the Dark Queen persona has been defeated several times, Sparky struggles to keep her repressed. When she becomes really angry, the Dark Queen persona comes out.
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@gordyman: that's pretty awesome man I like that a lot!

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The Nefarious Dr. Mean! He's a mysterious figure on the internet. Out of shape. Has Cheetos forever encrusted on his fingertips and when given the chance is always causing trouble. At Christmas he dresses up as Santa Claus in malls only to rip the beard off saying "Santa's not real, Christmas is about Commercialism!" He eats dog treats in front of his dog, because he can! He goes to the cinema to ruin other people's dates by rubbing sweat from his armpits onto people's faces. This man is a diabolical individual.

Name: Dr Mean

Gender: Male

Body: Blob

Mind: Average Intelligence.

Weakness: Any sort of physical altercation.

Object/weaponry/paraphernalia: A boomerang, a pack of gum, BEAR MASE, and a slinky.

Logo/Costume/Colors: A my little pony t-shirt.

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@gordyman: that's pretty awesome man I like that a lot!

She's going to be the leader of this team I've been trying to create.

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@gordyman said:

@iragexcudder said:

@gordyman: that's pretty awesome man I like that a lot!

She's going to be the leader of this team I've been trying to create.

Damn dude thats pretty dope, you havin people draw them out or are you doing it yourself? Im making a few people also

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@gordyman said:

@iragexcudder said:

@gordyman: that's pretty awesome man I like that a lot!

She's going to be the leader of this team I've been trying to create.

Damn dude thats pretty dope, you havin people draw them out or are you doing it yourself? Im making a few people also

I can't think of a good enough origin story for them.

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@gordyman: it'll come to you eventually man, just brainstorm ya know? I've been thinking non stop about my character and jotting down little notes in my little booklet I carry around lol

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@gordyman: it'll come to you eventually man, just brainstorm ya know? I've been thinking non stop about my character and jotting down little notes in my little booklet I carry around lol

I feel as though if I think about it too much, I'll feel like I'm forcing it.

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@gordyman: just let it come natural, use everything you see. Combine superhero stories if anything

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@gordyman: just let it come natural, use everything you see. Combine superhero stories if anything

I've got a bunch of good stories for them, but the origin is just really hard to come up with. I have the origin story in bits and pieces but I can't put it all together in a way that would make sense.

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@gordyman: whenever you do create everything I'd love to see it

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Name: Blud-Diamond

Sex: Male

Classification: Evil

Body: Ted Kord. He is lean, strong muscled, and agile. An accomplished brawler. Like Punisher he may not be a grandmaster, but his ability to tank damage and lust for hurting others, makes him an incredibly dangerous opponent.

Mind: Alex (A Clockwork Orage) Sociopathic, yet incredibly brilliant. Blud is a gleeful sadist. He lives to hurt and be hurt, and is the perfect example of "Someone who just want's to watch the World burn."

Weakness: Blud-Diamond is impulsive and too willing to duel out and receive damage. He has the ability to solidify his and ONLY his blood, which he uses as weapons. Once his blood is drawn he can basically morph the fluid into any shape he can imagine. (He loves to maim, toture, and kill) so you can imagine what he turns his blood into. But just because he can control his blood, does not mean he is invunerable. In fact, his durability is perhaps on the level of most well built athletic-types. And he enjoys pain. But, he can die like you or I.

Objects: Anything Sharp or his own blood.

Coustume: Dark Archer/Iron Maiden style gear.

Specials: The sight of blood gives him a rush like you wouldn't belive.

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Name: Discharge

Gender: M

Alignment: Neutral

Body: 5' 10", Athletic Build (somewhat lean; not stocky), wide shoulders, Peak Human

Mind: Enhanced-Level Intellect. (Dick Grayson)

Powers: Ability to control electromagnetic field, electricity, and charges at the atomic level (he can control molecules and atoms, organic and inorganic, but with extreme difficulty)

Origin story: The son of a modern-day alchemist/scientist, his father had discovered something that was so incredible that his heart gave out on him, and left "Discharge" fatherless as a young adult. In honor of his father and being the only one of the only ones knowing the cause of his fathers death (by a letter sent by her mother, who walked in on his heart attack), he traveled across the planet to get back to his homeland to continue his father's research and present it to the community in honor of his father. However, when he arrived, all papers were thrown into the center of a small machine, which the son took as his workplace. Walking in, however, he was surprised to find that he was standing in the center of a molecular disassembler built by his father. He began to feel his body burning, feeling like it was torn apart, when a strike of lightning hit the electric conductor at the top of his father's house. Trailing to the chamber, the discharge resulted in the lab being destroyed and exploded a vat of a synthetic chemical, which splashed onto the son, and it gave him SHUPERPOWERS (as you can see I half-@$$'d the ending).

Weakness: Rash and works by instinct. Does not trust most people after run in with an organization. Has trouble choosing sides because of his shunning from regular society, and after finally being accepted by the people, he still is weary of their truths and lies. He can be defeated if shot by an atomic beam, bullets (if he does not make an electrical force-field), or other normal lethal weapons to humans.

Weapons: Metal projectiles in pockets, liquid metal that can be controlled to be made into swords, shields, etc. (both can be controlled by his power)

Costume: Dark gray jacket and pants with electricity streaks (like N52 Barry Allen's costume's streaks, but the streaks are white), gloves to prevent him from accidentally electrocuting other people, metallic-tipped shoes to allow flight by electromag field.

Specials: Powers greatly boosted by confidence, determination/willpower, or high electromag field of environment