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couldnt gambit charge up mjolnir if he had it in his possession

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I guess he can charge it but it wouldnt explode

the idea is that he charges the objects with energy, the thing becomes inestable and it blows, with Mjolnir it would just charge up

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Yeah ya never know with magic. It'd be cool though if he charged and destroyed the handle lol

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That is a great question, which ironically leads to another one. Is Gambit worthy of wielding Mjolnir? Has he ever been near Thor or Mjolnir, let alone try to pick it up? I don't recall but if someone knows, that would help.

I would take a wild guess and say he couldn't, because Thor's weapons are really "fail-safe" and defensive, even if someone else uses it. It wouldn't be subject to the energies of Gambit or even cosmic blasts for that matter.

Yet....I could be wrong. It would be frikkin' awesome though if Gambit could charge it. Can you imagine the power and energy it would produce?

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Thor's hammer absorbs all kinds of energy all the time. Gambit could charge it all day long with no effect.

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I'd imagine it would have a similar effect to what happened when he charged Cap's shield, it would cause an explosion but not destroy Mjolnir.

It'd be cool if it caused a humongous explosion due to the magic.

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Wow. I can't believe I never considered this. I get the feeling this one is going to keep me up tonight thinking about it. I would really love to see this in a comic.

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I believe in AvX Gambit successfully charged Captain America's shield. It shield itself didn't explode, but it still released all the energy. I could be wrong, but I figure the hammer would probably do the same thing.