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say captain america was close to dying and prayed to thor or something like that could mjolnir be sent to him in his time of need since he was able to lift it or is that not possible

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Depends on the situation.

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He's a God after all.

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I dont think so, as you need to be worthy to lift, but maybe thor could throw it at whoever was attacking cap

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good question.. if he had some kind of bond with them and they were worthy then yes. i think that could happen with cap

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@dondave: In the canon JLA/Avengers the situation was so very desperate so Odin allowed Superman to pick it up but when the crisis was over he couldn't lift it up.

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I think you are confusing the bond with Mjolnir and Thor, it is not like Silver Surfer and his board.

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If the person was worthy, like Captain America (since he is used for this scenario), then I believe that yes Thor could "loan" it to him to use to smite wickedness where e'er it doth raise it's evil head!!!!!

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Cap is worthy to wield Mjolnir and actually did in Fear Itself when his shield was shattered by the Serpent and Thor was using some super special sword so he might be a bad example. The determining factor for if someone can use Mjolnir is if Odin deems them worthy, not Thor.

Edit: Or are you just asking if Thor could teleport Mjolnir? I see no reason why he couldn't.