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ok heres the story when one day spider-man is fighting aganst toxin because he was brain washed by magneto and magneto commands him to attack spider man spider man defeats toxin but toxin was killed by magneto because he did not complete his mission so the symbiote follows peter and peter gets bonded with it then parker decided to put it in a glass to try to find what he should do so he left the symbiote and decided to fight venom (mac gargan) and again defeats him and takes the symbiote and puts it with the toxin symbiote then he fights carnage but when he collected all the symbiots days later he had problems with many of the hereos including the avengers and x-men and then mary jane and his aunt may were killed in an explosion by magneto parker was so upset he decided to take the symbiots and bonding it with his body having all the powers of the symbiots he decided to get revenge and kill mangeto when he did he decided to kill every super hero and villan since he was so stresses angry and sad with his problems (ok im not going to to tell the whole story but i think it would be intresting what about you i would like to here your comments)

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I can't even start to read that without any capital letters or punctuation...

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NO............. it would be as stupid as making a Batman kills the DC universe.

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Longest... sentence... ever.

@DarkKnightDetective said:

NO............. it would be as stupid as making a Batman kills the DC universe.


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No. It only works for Deadpool and Punisher because you can imagine them doing something like that. For Spider-man it would be grossly out of character and many people would shun it.

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@Crash_Recovery said:

I can't even start to read that without any capital letters or punctuation...

Behold, translated to actual English, with corrections for punctuation, grammar, spelling, tense, and style:

Okay, here's the story: one day Spider-Man is fighting against Toxin because Toxin is brain-washed by Magneto, and Magneto commands him to attack Spider-Man. Well, Spider-Man defeats Toxin but Toxin is killed by Magneto because he failed to complete his mission. So, the symbiote follows Peter and they get bonded together, but then Parker contains it in a glass while he tries to figure out what he should do.

So he leaves the symbiote and decides to fight Venom (Mac Gargan) and again defeats his attacker and takes their symbiote. He puts the Venom symbiote with the Toxin symbiote. Then he fights Carnage and so on until he's collected all the symbiotes.

Days later, he has problems with many of the heroes including the Avengers and X-Men, and then on top of everything Mary Jane and Aunt May are killed in an explosion orchestrated by Magneto. Parker is so upset he decides to take combined symbiotes and bond them to his body willingly. This gives him all the powers of all the symbiotes. He decides to get revenge and kill Magneto, but once he does, he can't stop and kills every superhero and villain--since he is so stressed, angry, and sad over the gaping chasm of his personal loss and suffering.

(Okay, I'm not going to tell the whole story, but I think it would be interesting. What about you? I would like to hear your comments! Excelsior!)

Honestly, it sounds terrible. Just as terrible as the Deadpool Kills ... book was.

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all of that sounds out of character for everyone involved....why would Magneto send someone to kill Spider-man? Spider-man isn't even on Magneto's radar and Magneto is a good guy at the moment.

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It would be like Maximum Carnage where he will debate for 5pages whether or not he should kill each and every time he is about to do it.

@fodigg: thank you for the translation.

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Nah. It doesn't really fit his profile. I guess you could do it for lolz but I don't really see the point.

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No. They should do an Aquaman kills the DC Universe. That is all for the whole killing universes.

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That would be the most cringeworthy thing you can do to Spider-Man next to making a deal with the devil.

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nope. too stupid and non-sensical.

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Instead of these Kills the Marvel Universe stories. They should have done The Marvel Universe kills Deadpool. I think that would be a hilarious book to read.

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They would never be able to make that lol... It would never work.

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Deadpool kills weren't that good either.

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Absolutely not.