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I'm trying to find the right super power that fits me and my personality, but I can't find one (or multiple). Whenever I like something, I always seem to find something wrong with it. Could someone with comic experience and a good judge of character and great comprehension skills aid me in my quest for the right power for my character based on myself. After I get past the power stage, the story will come easily.

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@Xerdek: Yeah, sure! Do you want to shoot me a PM so we can figure something out?

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The power is an extension of the character.

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This sounds interesting! I believe you'll be fine in the capable hands of the gentlemen above me, but still, if you want a third opinion don't hesitate to PM!

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I'm open.

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You have the power to jump extremely high but you do not have the the power to land safely . You also have the power to run extremely fast 'in one spot' .