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Ugh, I don't like the idea. The Avengers already have one armored guy, and another dressed in the American flag. I feel like Rhodey would just be redundant, and honestly, I prefer him as a supporting character for the IM franchise.

He's pretty awesome in Iron Man 3 though.

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I think It would be cool. But I agree with @veshark it would get kind of redundant.

They'd be better off using someone else.

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I doubt it for reasons already stated and the fact iron patriot works for the government. I haven't seen IM3 yet so this could change, but the government would probably have iron patriot defend the US government's interests as opposed to fighting for shield. If there is a major attack they could send iron patriot to defend the president as opposed to fighting for shield as an example.

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Provided the roster is expanded to include plenty of other heroes, Iron Patriot could work well. If they added him to the current team it would be kind of pointless though.

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I really hope not. There's loads of other characters they could put in. We don't really need two Iron Men on the team.

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Isn't Norman a wee bit insane?

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Isn't Norman a wee bit insane?

They're discussing the movie variety, not the comic version. The movie version is Rhodey in a patriotically repainted version of the War Machine armor.

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It depends on how much they change the team in Avengers 2. If they add a lot of people, I'd be okay with it. But if they just add Pym/Wasp or Quicksilver/Wanda then I'd be against it.