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I'm going to get straight to the point, people are already assuming that Stark will die in Age of Ultron but I just don't see that happening... In that film. Avengers 3 is likely to be released in 2018, ten years since the release of the first Iron Man - Robert Downey Jr would be 52 by the time Avengers 3 begins filming (2017), that isn't that old but people were already worried that he wouldn't renew his contract for Avengers sequels because everyone was worried he was sick of the job, who's to say he won't be in 2 years/3 years? It would be a good way to say goodbye to Iron Man's rise to fame and Robert Downey Jr. I am bringing this up because when you think about it, Marvel will eventually reboot the Cinematic Universe altogether and RDJ/Iron Man can't go on for 15 more years, can he? Same goes for Hemsworth, Ruffalo, Evans, etc. I think 10 years as Iron Man is definitely good for Robert - just sayin' now I don't mind if Iron Man DOESN'T die in Avengers 3 but it would be a good way to celebrate the character that launched the Cinematic Universe (now that I'm typing that it sounds weird :P).

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Probably, but I'll doubt they'll reboot it, more than likely:

1. Have new characters take over the persona.

2.Ala James Bond, may be new actor but just carry on as if nothing is new.

3. Slim chance, but maybe the characters are never replaced?

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kinda how he almost died in avengers, and how he is supposedly "not" iron man anymore in his last movie

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I doubt it. They pulled a fake-out in Avengers 2, so for him to actually die would feel weird.

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Agree, and his performance as Iron Man will go straigh to cinema history imo

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@redhotpedros said:

Agree, and his performance as Iron Man will go straigh to cinema history imo

Pretty much. It's funny how the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy ended a year before Iron Man and everyone was sad that we wouldn't see another Jack Sparrow again, well we did.

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I highly doubt they'll kill off their biggest money maker. Not dissing the idea, I just don't think they would do it. I also think that even if they did, they would eventually revive him which, I feel, would just cheapen his death.

kinda how he almost died in avengers, and how he is supposedly "not" iron man anymore in his last movie

Also, this point, I feel, also makes me feel that they won't kill him off. One because they already "almost killed him" in Avengers 1, not to mention that, despite him being the most popular of the Avengers in the movie-verse, I hope they wouldn't boost Iron Man up again to where he's the "big hero who saves the day" like he was in the first Avengers, I'd like to see the team being the heroes and not just focus everything on one character, but show that this threat is so great that ultimately it takes all of the Avengers to defeat him/her/it.

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It's possible. I wouldn't mind it. He should have a great death. Give a chance for other heroes to shine.

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I would not care unless he had a heroic death. He needs to do more heroic stuff. And it doesn't make sense to have iron man since he quit in the third one.

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We're all desensitized to death cause we know the MCU will get rebooted, or if they keep continuity.. Just recast and bring him back to life, ala comic style !

The real question is whether or not the General public will like it ! Will they react well ? And if they drop new movies on them within the next 5 years of his death.. Will they care for him anymore !

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Here's hoping