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Thoughts? I would say the Dark Angel Saga and Court of Owls are two of my favorite story arcs of recent, but Infinity has been so well done. Can't wait for the conclusion!

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as long as it doesn't end in an anticlimax then hell yeah.

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It's one of my favorite stories in a very long time.

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As long as you ignore the fact that the Builders story went absolutely nowhere and was ultimately a complete waste of pages, sure. This ancient, intricately ordered race that for some reason fulfills the exact same purpose as the Celestials decides humanity is a blight on every single universe and needs to be eradicated, reasons not withstanding or even apparent, and after their fodder bullies the galaxy for a while, they all get quickly demolished by Team Spirit and Hope and their story is done. Come on. It's hard to read this half of the event and not be left with the feeling that the Builders story's sole purpose in the end was simply to create an excuse for the Avengers to not be around when Thanos came calling.

The story on Earth with Thanos has been fantastic, though. They should have just focused on that instead of just pushing the Avengers off on their pointless space opera. Ebony Maw is probably my favorite new character of 2013. He strikes me as Mordin Solus gone mad.

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It is the best comic event in my opinion. This is simply because I'm tired of heroes fighting heroes. The Builders and Thanos are amazing villains. They are so powerful The Galactic Council had to intervene. This sotry has amazing visuals,emotions and amazing character interaction. I applaud Hickman, Yiu and Cheung. I hope to see this as an animated movie some day.

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@citizenbane: I thought the reason they are doing it is to stop the incursions.

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I applaud hickman's scope. he does cosmic storylines well.

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It could be called a good event but there is only one thing that disappoints me in this storyline and because of it I cannot call this one of the best events.The half of this story which is centered around the Builders,the story was boring,almost nothing happened around(which would catch your eye and attention) and the only purpose of it being around was so that the Avengers wouldn't be on Earth and Thanos could attack without a problem in search of his son.

On the other hand the Thanos story is something that can be easily called one of the best stories from Hickman so far.He has handled each character that has appeared in their best light and in the best way.