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I'm making myself a bookmark that has the bat-family symbols on it (ordered some Bat-novels & wanted to theme it up), but I can't seem to find the Robin logo on Damian's Robin costume. All I can find is the Tim Drake one which is sharper. I just can't seem to find a nice/clear Damian logo that's either on a plain color background (like the Tim one), or a transparent background PNG. I don't know if it's an issue of keywords like Damian & Robin & symbol/logo aren't enough for google to differentiate among the logos, because Damian's been around long enough I can't imagine there isn't such an image out there.

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Here, I made it in MS paint so it isn't great

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thanks! I couldn't even find any comic-page (from which to cut) where he was facing forward. Given the size of the bookmark (2" wide) it doesn't look bad (I used a blur tool to soften the edges, but I probably didn't even need to do that

Thanks to both of you though! for a bit there I didn't think I'd get any replies.