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Well, DC really caused a stir this week, didn't they?

I am, of course, referring to the near-total retcon of Tim Drake, aka Robin (in the old continuity), aka Red Robin.

I've voiced my opinion on this matter in other places on this site, so I won't belabor the point by elaborating on it here. My initial response to the revelations of Teen Titans #0 was an emotional and reactionary one, and though I still don't like what I read there, my feelings on the matter have tempered a bit. I've read scores of comments, listened to podcasts, and pored over reviews on a dozen websites, and I've noticed that not only do many people find the changes made to Tim Drake's story acceptable--they actually prefer it in the new continuity. To that, I say--well and good. Hopefully, fans like you will keep this version of Tim alive and well for years to come. I am very happy that a new Tim is attracting new fans to follow his adventures.

I would ask for leniency, though, toward those of us who are having a hard time with the changes that have been made to his character. Tim Drake has been my favorite character since I started reading comics in 1989--23 years ago, and no doubt longer than some readers on this site have been alive. I've followed his story as faithfully as I could through those years, with varying degrees of success. I've watched him grow into his own identity, watched him as he distinguished himself from his forbears in his knowledge of technology, his skills as a detective, and his ability to plan long-term and foresee multiple contingencies. When a person has followed a character for as long as I've followed Tim, changes like the ones made in Teen Titans #0 are not easily digested, though I understand that many fans might wish they were. Other fans might wish that people like me would just get with the program, jump on board the reboot, and open my mind to the possibilities of new stories in a new timeline with a new Tim.

I'm here to say that I hear you. But please try to understand that the adjustment is difficult for those of us who were fans of Tim before the New 52--so difficult, in fact, that some of us might not be able to make it, choosing instead to immerse ourselves in stories already written and preserved, but which no longer have any bearing on the course of NuTim's life. Don't hate or mock us for it; we're dealing with it as best we can.

Me? I've gone back and forth on this thing. Should I keep reading Teen Titans, swallow the changes made to Tim's origin (as bitter as they might taste), and just forge ahead? I'm not sure I can do that. See, I think I'd feel like the ex-boyfriend whose girl just broke up with him, but who just can't stop writing her letters, reading her old notes, or scanning every crowd in which he finds himself, all in the hope that some glimmer of a chance remains for reconciliation and restoration. A boy like that is setting himself up for disappointment, and I'm afraid I'd be doing the same if I kept reading, because I know I'd only be doing it from some faint hope that the Tim Drake I knew might somehow be restored. The DCU has moved on; maybe it's time I did the same.

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I wish you well in whatever you choose.

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Well put my friend. Hope everything works out.

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Go get her before she gets on that plane, then kiss her, tell her you're sorry and if it's a rom com it will work. If it doesn't, just kill the director