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What do you think are the Best Marvel and DC Teams ( two to three)

tell us your opinions on what we put. ( If you so choose to...

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My choices go to


1. Avengers Captain America , Iron Man , Thor , Hawkeye , Ant man, Quick Silver (I'll choose my dc pics later

2. X-men Gambit,cyclops Jean,Beast,storm,rouge,and wolverine

3.Fantastic Four

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I'm more on with joke teams so

1.Super Buddies (Formerly known as the Justice League by Keith Giffen and J.M. De Matteis, look it up, it's funny as heck you might actually run out of breath laughing, it's sequel I Can't Believe It's Not The Justice League is cool too)

2. Nextwave

3.GLA (Great Lakes Avengers)

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My DC choice is

JLA: Super Man,Batman,Wonder Woman,Green Lantern, Martian Man Hunter, Flash, Aquaman

2.JSA: Flash,Green Lantern, The Specter,Hawk Man,Hawk Woman Dr. Fate, Power Girl

3. Teen Titans ___Night Wing, Tempest, Arsenal, Donna Troia, Kid Flash, Raven, or Beast Boy

2 two to three means means the max to both amounts

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I can only pick Marvel because I don't know much of DC (unless Birds of Prey qualifies, but that's more because I read more of them. I don't really like The Justice League of America as it stands now)

X-Men (Storm, Rachel, Psylocke, Rogue, Kitty and Jubilee)

The O5 - Which is Teen Cyclops, Teen Jean, Teen Bobby and Teen Hank (Teen Warren is off with Cyclops and Friends).

Pretty much it at the moment.

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dont worry this is not a who likes what better is is just a discussion on who and why we chose a are certain teams.....

answer is fine with me

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Avengers: Cap,Iron Man, Thor, Hank Pym, Wasp, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye,Black Panther,

The Fantastic Four

The O5 X-Men.


Justice League: Supes,Bats,WW,Hal Jordan, The Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter

Teen Titans: Dick, Wally, Superboy, Starfire,Raven,Cyborg,Speedy,Wonder Girl


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The Sinister Six!

It's always interesting to me to read how some of my favorite Spidey villains struggle to trust one another, knowing full-well how corrupt they each are at their cores. Usually it's their own greed which gets in the way of them making any real success as a unit. I'm also a big fan of the underrated video game, Spider-man: Return of the Sinister Six, for both NES and Game Gear.

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I didnt think about evil teams I thought a said super hero... sinister 6 is my second favorite peice of evil

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Original 7 JLA and they outclass every marvel team by far

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Best Evil teams in Marvel and Best Evil teams for dc

H.Y.D.R.A / Sinister Six / Masters of Evil

Sinestro Corps. / Injustice Society / Injustice Gang

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The Annihilators
The Illuminati

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Fantastic Four is the best!

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Guardians of the Galaxy

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Justice League of America

Fantastic Four.

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Marvel has my vote.



Thor Corps.

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I'm not a huge fan of Marvel, but my three favorite DC teams are:

Black Canary's Justice League
This Teen Titans
Nightwing's Outsiders

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Black Canary's Justice League

The Teen Titans

and Nightwings outsiders are tough I guess, their is is a billion way's X-Men could beat them

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  1. JLA
  2. X-Men
  3. GLC
  4. F4
  5. Avengers
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If anyone says that the GL avengers is one of the best I'll be very angry and you wont like me when I'm Angry...

I decided if I ever get to talk to stan lee Id like to ask why did marvel make the great lakes Avengers