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An early entry this week as I get ready to head home for Thanksgiving (well home is less than 20 km away, but I won't be on the internet there.) So here is the best from the past week.


I think the consensus favourite blog of the week was Vance Astro's look at the potential of Miles Morales and Victor Alvarez (note to Vance: I am not giving you praise so that you will start returning my calls, but start returning my calls!)

Mbecks14 writes a good blog on Wally West in the new 52, or more accurately why there is no Wally West in the new 52. Is it because he is moving so fast that he can't be seen? Maybe, but it is more likely the editorial staff that is to blame.

FoxxFireArt admits his fondness for Catwoman and tries to track down the song used in her Arkham City trailer and finds Lykke Li.

Kuonphobos shares some of the more realistic Red Sonja costumes. So a chain metal bikini is not realistic any more?


Renchamp blogs to inform us that he is not dead (but I already wrote the eulogy?) and then talks about some common problems with wiki editing. I tend to agree with him, edit when you come across the material the first time or you will forget it forever.

Strafe Prower (I spelled the username right for the first time) cracked 70k this week in the wiki. Fesak cracked 960k and soon will be the third on the site with over one million points. And KillerZ hit a major milestone by cracking 300,000 and Meteorite cracked 350k. Send them a wall post and a congratulation, it is all that keeps them going (except for fesak, he uses a combination of sleep and coffee.) On the opposite side of the scale YourNeighborhoodComicGeek and JediXMan both cracked 10,000 (this might have happened the previous week, I can't tell) and can now change pictures on wiki pages. Just not all the pages at once please.

Fan Fiction

Joygirl has been working on her own DC Universe and lays out how it works in a concise description. It makes me wonder though whether the Community Spotlight should get a theme song. Ravager continues with the Mayhem library with the Deathstroke and Ravager story line and Joygirl gives us a story about World's Finest.

As usual a lot of writing from around the Vine this week. Ekorlo gave us the 17th part of his Batman fan fic, and Ravek gives us War without End.

Horror Inc. continued with another entry: Hungry.

Also an interview with joshmightbe to let us know us know what he has planned for his future fan fics.

Artists and Their Art

Decept-O share his Steampunk inspired Bride of Frankenstein. I thought she was already steampunk? Anyway cool drawing.

The character creation contest for Technology is going on and featuring some typically great work for our collection of artists.


Kuonphobos makes another appearance in the wrap-up this week with a list of goth girls that are a lot more dangerous than they look (and they look dangerous already.)


Reviewers sometimes get some criticism for too much praise in their reviews, but reviewers read what they like and so are more likely to enjoy it. This week had quite a few glowing reviews associated with favoured characters - broo1232 for Swamp Thing, atree496 for Deadpool, Super-Man 23 for Batman, DarkNoldor for Wonder Woman and johnkmccubbin91 for the Punisher.

Speaking of bias towards a group of characters, Nightcrawler really liked The Walking Dead #20.

An exception to this trend of reviewing what we like was Pspin's review of World's Finest #5. Seems like a lot of people are still waiting for this series to reach the level which they expected.

HCH reviewed the new Rose and Thorn I have yet to read it (I started it and put it down) but I should finish it soon. But do I see a girl pulling up her socks on the cover?

Elsewhere Around the Vine

No RPGs or Battles were nominated this week. Someone give the RPG and Battles people a hard time for me (just kidding don't actually do that.)

It is not comic related but notoriousbcb shared some of his best recent photos. Lots of cool geometric floral pictures. There has been some photographic artwork elsewhere as well as there has been some activity in this thread as well as Crimson Orchid's work in progress.

The Comic Book Hall of Fame guy is still on the move trying to gain support for his idea of creating a comic book hall of fame. This week he snagged pictures with Jack Purcell and with Frank McLaughlin. Maybe I should tell him to put it in Halifax, that way you guys can all stay with me when you go to visit it.

BumpyBoo is a fairly new user, but she has managed to find her way onto this wrap-up every week since it started. What would she do to keep her streak going? Well she got me invited to her wedding to Raiiyn. Speaking of which how come Raiiyn never makes this list? Anyway it was just some kind hearted fun (plus they said I can wear my favourite colour, purple).

RitchieB outlines how he thinks Nightwing could be better. Nice forum post and with decent discussion. In another well thought out and detailed forum post arnoldoaad share his worst new ventures from the new 52.

Did you guys vote in Poet's Best of Comics for September? He hasn't locked the thread yet, so there is still a chance !?!???!?!?!

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Congrats to everyone's work this past week.

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@RazzaTazz: Thanks very much for this, was not expecting it, much appreciated.

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Save the eulogy, it may come in handy when I get busy again.

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What is "comic book?"

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@ZombiePie said:

What is "comic book?"

Lol Zombie your a riot.

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@SUPER-MAN 23 said:

@ZombiePie said:

What is "comic book?"

Lol Zombie your a riot.

One time I asked Sarah what a "pull list" was on her FormSpring account. She wrote like a paragraph of text that completely flew over my head.

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@ZombiePie said:

@SUPER-MAN 23 said:

@ZombiePie said:

What is "comic book?"

Lol Zombie your a riot.

One time I asked Sarah what a "pull list" was on her FormSpring account. She wrote like a paragraph of text that completely flew over my head.

Lol. Something similar happened to me when I was asking some of the most simplest things for a PC game requirement.