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Here we are back for the last full week of September.  You know what that means right?  Thanksgiving is only two weeks away.  Well to any Canadians reading this it is.  Here we go with another look at the noteworthy from the past week: 


Echoendless shares an unexpected moment where cosplay and art came together and got him a bit of recognition.   

FoxxFireArt, a long time member that seems to come and go, was coming around a bit more last week and gave us a couple of interesting blogs on his thoughts on new 52 Catwoman and what Catwoman and Batman represent.    
Trodorne looks ahead to the Death in the Family storyline coming our way from DC.  He has some opinions about how it might go, do you agree with him? 
MatKrenz gave us a rundown of his experience at the Comic Convention in Montreal. Lots of good picture in there.   


 Not a lot of news in the wiki this week, but a big achievement was SC cracking 100k and becoming the 43rd account (and 42nd human) to do so.  And as AztekTheLost told me once (by the way - COME BACK TO US AZ!) being #43 is actually higher because of some less scrupulous users above 100k (also someone I noticed broke 150k). 
The Zero Month at DC also led to the relaunch of some missed characters and some pages like Amethyst saw some editing from long times fans that don't get into the wiki enough. 

Fan Fiction 

Joshmightbe continued the CV project for Horror Inc. 

Bumpy Boo give us her first fan fiction (I think it is the first) with a nifty little story.  Who knew that spotlight favourite Boo was capable of such language though?


Artists and Their Art

  We get a lot of people doing sketches on CV but not many showing off the colouring ability.  Blackmoonrose13 gave us a chance to see that this week though in her colouring in of an Alice in Wonderland character.   
Decept-O showed off some new art dealing with some very mean looking women.  Even meaner than like my fifth grade teacher.   
Kiss Lamia has updated his own art thread with some new drawings.  Some pretty good stuff in there showing off his talent.   
RamsIllustration gave us this cool drawing of a vampire sitting down for a drink and of a werewolf on the loose.  


We actually got some list recommendations this week, namely the cheesestabber's "Weird to Hate" and RagDollPurps' list of characters that people associate with her.  


As should be expected the reviews for Zero Month issues dominated the past week (again).   CircularLogic's review of Batwoman #0 went over pretty well among the mass of the #0 reviews.  
There were a few in there that weren't related though.  The newest issue of Daredevil (#18) got a lot of attention for its cover, but a lot of fans let us know what they as the issue had a lot of reviews this week.    
ThanosRules's review on Phantom Lady last month got me reading that book (and he reviewed issue 2 this week) but his review of Ghost makes me want to check out that series as well.  he needs to stop influencing me like this.   
Reviews are usually full of praise as we tend to review what we have liked, but christkosty let Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe have it in his critical review of the series' final issue.   
I try to not let any bias creep in here, but it is nice to see a Grimm Fairy Tales review (from someone other than me) as HCH reviews Godstorm #0.      


One lone RPG nod this week and it goes to Closure's "World of Chaos".  RPG continues to put out some great scenarios all the time and this is yet another.  

Elsewhere Around the Vine 

The Poet interviewed Joygirl about why she likes writing fan fiction so much.  It is an interesting format to draw attention to our talented writers and hopefully Poet will give us some more. 
The Poet also threatens to change the locks on our clubhouse door if I don't mention voting for the CV Best of the Month Poll.  Another month mentioning it, another month of clubhouse access.   
BumpyBoo seemed to have been taking some rough debating on CV to heart and decided to fight back!  With trolling?  No.  Harsh words?  No.  She just posted a bunch of feel good stories to remind us that the world ain't so bad.   
The usual suspects in the avatar manipulation thread (Gambler, payno, dernman, nightcrawler) have been fulfilling a lot of wishes over the past month or so (in fact they made my av at the moment).  This thread goes unappreciated sometimes but really does help people to feel more at home here, so they deserve some recognition.
IcarusFlies wrote down all the internet abbreviations and emoticons that she knows and got a few more.  It is helpful to those of us that can't figure out the difference between this 8) and this B)    
One of our fan fic regulars got himself published and is excited about it.  Give him a congratulations or even better check out his short story.  
Apparently some Viners would like dating advice from the staff and have gone so far as to design business cards for this endeavour.  (Note to GMan and Babs: I was in no way associated with this).  
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Great write up and its really nice to see so many posters highlighted, thank you all CVER's contributing in your own ways and CVER's who are nominating others too. 

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