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Back for another week of the best of the Vine.  Who made the cut this week?  I'm not telling ... oh no wait a minute ...  that is the point of this isn't it?  To tell who made the cut.  So here we go:  


There were a lot of blogs this week.  Radread shared a sequence of blogs sharing his experience (over the course of his entire life) as a comic book reader.  It is an interesting look at some of the prejudices comic fans go through.   
Randalmeister shows off his new shoes (I will contest all claims of Wonder Woman bias here, those are cool shoes.)   
Haaydrian makes his case for why Marvel NOW is going to better than the new 52.  
MisterWhisper tries to inject some logic into what supervillains could really do with their powers.  Any thoughts on the topic? 
Jthunder101 discusses the pros and cons of single issue versus trades.  I prefer single issues myself, as it allows for more exploration of the medium without such an investment, but let him know what you prefer.   
I don't like to sound my own horn, but I did post a Community Roundtable this week focusing on Marvel NOW, where three other Viners joined me in a discussion.   
Eiderglast had a few blog this week, my favourite of which was his argument against retcons and reboots.  But do check them all out.  


FoxxFireArt is moving some stuff over here from our old sister site Anime Vice.  he is going to be adding a lot of stuff from High School of the Dead to the wiki.   
Strafe Prower is working along dutifully in the wiki, and cracked 60,000.  The person who nominated him is SC who is closing in  on 100k and is getting there by doing the tedious work of cleaning up some plagiarism.  X35 was also busy this week cleaning up a plagiarized page, but she won't let me tell you which one it is until she is done.  

Fan Fiction  

Horror Inc. continued with some more movie inspired fiction.  There are numerous chapters to this big fan fiction project.  Check some out here and here

Artists and their Art 

 WillPayton shows off a cosmic setting and how to switch from black and white drawings to colour in a nice looking Hal Jordan drawing.    
crestfallen shows off some of his Superman inspired art.  Pretty impressive stuff from another talented CV artist.   
Schotter's version of Batman is pretty scary looking, or is it just me?  Seither way it is another great image to highlight this week.  


 It seemed as though the blogs picked up the slack from not so many reviews.   A lot of the attention was on the DC 0 month issues, so maybe I can point out some that were not as prominent.  McKlayn had a look at New Mutants #49 (cool cover by the way) and found it lacking.  
etragedy has a look at Morning Glories #21 and goes over how this is a cliche but a well executed one (if I can be permitted to summarize his review)  
This week's blast from the past comes from Uncas007 who goes back to 1969 to have a look at when the X-Men journeyed to meet Ka-Zar.  


Although there was a consensus rapidly reached, Skaar versus Red Hulk resulted in some good discussion a bout the two characters.    
Who can beat light?  I am not sure.  But quite a few battle forum regulars weighed in on it.


Duchess is mostly here for RPG (I think?) so I am pretty sure this is not fan fic, but it certainly has an interesting concept and tone to it.  
Gambler started off a new topic called Final Tribulation and 614Azrael was also starting a new RPG thread called Claiming the Shadows.


BlackPookie asked why no moderators were following her and got the response she was after.  Is it best to earn those quests naturally or ask for help?  I have taken both tactics, but anyone that wants any moderator quests just let me (or most mods) know.    
It was RedHeadedAtrocitus' brithday yesterday, and he wrote his own birthday thread but covered some comic topics as well explaining his interest in the medium over the past thirty years of his life.   
BumpyBoo continued on her fantasy band concept with an interview with her fantasy band.  I hope she also got autographs  
I will still take nominations for lists, but it is kind of hard to track when they are made, so no worries if no one comes up with any.  Or if you like the list can just be hioghlighted, it doesn't need to be made recently.   
If you all like the idea of the weekly Community Highlight, the best way you can help promote it is by leaving comments at the linked content which you thought was good.  It is great for the contributor to be highlighted, but let them know their view are going up, because then they will just want to make more :)
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Congratulations, everyone! Nice work! :)

I certainly did! Hoping to make a small fortune on eBay :P

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I love Uncas007's reviews. He probably has grown tired of me saying that in these things.

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Also, congratz to the others who were highlighted.

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I like this.

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@Vance Astro: *ahem*    *need more battle recommendations*   *ahem*
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Razza, you should really be on staff because you are awesome.

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@PsychoKnights said:

Razza, you should really be on staff because you are awesome.

I agree


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Thank guys, they would let me watch, they would invite me, but the queens they use do not excite me.  
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@RazzaTazz said:

@PsychoKnights: @BumpyBoo: Thank guys, they would let me watch, they would invite me, but the queens they use do not excite me.

Well said (fist pump of solidarity).


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Glad to see you used my rpg choices. Great stuff

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@EdwardWindsor: Thanks for the nomination

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Congratulations to all nominated and highlighted. Great thread.  

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@SC: You congratulated yourself
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@RazzaTazz said:

@PsychoKnights: @BumpyBoo: Thank guys, they would let me watch, they would invite me, but the queens they use do not excite me.

That's nice and mysterious. I googled it and found it was from a musical called Chess, but am I to take that there is some hidden drama between the mods and staff?

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@PsychoKnights: No I was just listening to the song earlier in the day.