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It seems as though the RPG and Battles forum have taken over the blog feed as of late, which is absolutely ok, just that there is not as much for me to highlight this week in the last days of November.  


KrspaceT has a look at the ongoing business decisions at DC and some for the future (he hopes) in a comprehensive blog.   
Arnoldoaad continues his sequence of blogs on the business side of the comic industry.   
BatWatch keeps counting down Nightwing's greatest adversaries.   Batwatch also highlights some reasons why Ravagers might not be doing so well.  
Ever wanted to see a Taskmaster movie?  Well I can say that most probably wouldn't, but they might change their minds after Strider92's in-depth look at such a possibility.   
The Wonder Woman-Superman romance angle is definitely a polarizing issue for comic fans.  Some love it, some hate it.  On my side is my fellow mod Deranged Midget, though you will have to read to find out which side that is.  


After a couple of weeks straight with no wiki news this week there is some.  X35 broke 100k in the wiki and BillyBatson broke 300k

Fan Fic 

joshmightbe continues the Marvel Iron Age universe with Mr. Sinister part 4.    
Andrewtheking started off a new series with Mystery Men.   
The character creation contest enters its 4th round with previous winner Pyrogram setting the rules this time.   


TheAcidSkull continues a streak of Respect Threads, this one for Agent Venom.    

Artists and Their Art 

Decept-O has created some abstract Batman drawings and has shared them with us.  He also did a random collection on the same theme.  


As usual with lists I don't know when they are made but this week I ran across a few original ones - Delphic's list of as many female members of the ring-powered Corps from DC, SnowyMountain's list of Green skinned characters (there are 897 one the list!) and kuonphobos' list of Post-Apocalyptic characters.  


Wow!  I thought there was a lot of CVnU themed stuff last week, but this week almost every second blog was CVnU.  It is nice to see the RPG section of the site getting excited about something new.    
In the interest of getting this writeup done in less than a day then, I decided to forego highlighting most of the CVnU stuff.  Zicarra wrote an RPG story based in CVnU  though which is quite readable (Part 1 and Part 2).   


I found another person that agrees with me of the relative worth of the Beowulf backup story to the already good Amethyst story in Sword of Sorcery (that would be the Mighty Monarch in this review.) 
A couple of reviewers were on a silver/bronze age kick.  They were reviewing stuff from a wide range of titles but here are two of them - etragedy for Thor and X35 for Silver Surfer.  
A couple of lesser known series/graphic novels getting some attention are Queen Crab by thanosrules and Supurbia by tea8765.
Probably one of the most unexpected of the favourites this week for the site was the My Little Pony story.  Xangel tells us why it was good.   

Elsewhere Around the Vine 

Check out CaioTrubat's new cats, pretty cute.     
RIKR2's popularity tournament is over but he plans to start a new one in 2013 sometime.   
Rabbitearsblog asked us our favourite version of Kitty Pryde.  
Mrdecepticonleader is planning a series of blogs on his favourite villains and starts off with Darth Vader .  
As usual there are some reviews of other stuff floating around the Vine this week - Xanni15 looked at the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time and tomlikesfries for Hitman Absolution.  
The Poet is running his monthly "Best of Comic Vine" as usual.  Best to get over and vote while you can.   
And finally RedHeadedAtrocitus got to meet some of the creators at Marvel this past week and recounts it for us.  
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Woot, woot, hey Supurbia is a GREAT book I hope some people will read my review help fill up the wiki and check out this awesome new series from Boom!

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