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Another week of community spotlights soon to be brought to all of you by all of me.  But I need help first by anyone who picks up anything around the Vine that catches their eye (even if it is their own stuff)

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I would like to nominate Hawkeye446's Gay Respect Thread. It's not a debate thread, it's more a thread where people who want to get away from all that can just go and be happy and celebrate who they are. What has impressed me most about this thread is the respect that those who don't necessarily agree with it have shown.

Wildvine's Happy hour at the Pool-o-Vision bar is a lovely fan fic, and there is apparently going to be a sequel at some point, too.

The Poet has written the style guide How To Write Dialogue, for the fan fic section.

Also, someone won an award this week.... *cough*

Decept-O has some great sketches: The Grim Reaper, a Goblin Queen and a Vampire walk into a bar... /Quick Cowboy sketch

SC's new gay marriage thread is brilliant. Gay Marriage Thread 2: Now with 50% More Gay


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Well, I've been wanting to mention this somewhere, so I guess this thread is as good as any.

I've finally finished my epically long plot info on the wiki page for the 1948 movie serial 'Superman', and an episode-by-episode review of the whole series:

The wiki page:

The review: [ scroll down to the bottom of the wiki page - linking to reviews is broken again :( ]

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I'll toot my own horn. I got back into the wiki this week (after a grueling business tax midterm) and pimped the crap out of the Carol page from the Walking Dead. She was one of the more interesting characters to me because the reader could see the slow devolution into craziness.

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