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Tried to search if this info was already up and couldn't find it so for all those interested.....


Hope I did this right and the link works. If not, copy and paste it and you should get the proper page.


Anyways, I think its awesome that I can have all my comics on one app instead of going to the Marvel App for all my Free Digital copies and having all my DC comics on Comixology. Hurray for progress!

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How long until they assimilate Dc...

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I think DC is already part of comixology. I had a DC account already and when I made one frmo comixolgy it was the same login I used fo DC.

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Um... there are already Marvel and DC comics on comixology....

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All my comics purchased from the Marvel or DC apps already sync to the Comixology Comics app. I talked to Comixology a while back and gave them my user names for the DC, Marvel, and Comics app and they sync'd them. However, any Marvel purchases on the Comics App are not reflected in the Marvel app. This may be what the article is referring. I can purchase DC comics on the Comics app and they appear in the DC app though.

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Does this also work with Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited? I am subscribed to that currently and would love it if I could read the included Marvel comics via Comixology. Really good app, love it.

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To answer my own question, no, it doesn't current work with Marvel Unlimited. Sadface.